Orbit Bronze Glass Coffee table

The Orbit Bronze Glass Coffee Table will instantly add a deluxe and designer look to your living room. The opulent bronze mirror finish creates a space for you style your favourite items as they are beautifully reflected in the mirrored finish. The black frame adds a touch of interest to the base of this piece, making the Orbit Bronze Glass Coffee Table really stand out from the crowd. What You Need To Know:
  • The Orbit Bronze Glass Coffee Table measures 40cm in height and 80cm in diameter. This sizing makes it ideal for placing in the centre of your seating area, sofa or by a cosy occasional chair.
  • This modern coffee table has a circular bronze mirror table top which is highly reflective. The mirror top makes the Orbit coffee table great for displaying items as you get a lovely crisp reflection in the bronze table surface.
  • The base of the Orbit is a circular, bent open frame with a black painted finish. It's a really interesting design feature rather than having legs or a pedestal base, making the Orbit a really impressive looking piece.
  • There are no fixings on the Orbit Bronze Glass Coffee Table which results in the Orbit having such a slim, seamless and lightweight look.
If you like the luxurious look of the Orbit Bronze Glass Coffee Table, we also have a coordinating Orbit Bronze Glass Lamp Table available so you can extend the sleek look of the Orbit coffee table throughout your space.


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