What Size Round Dining Table Should I Go For?

The most important factor in buying a new round dining table has to be the size. After all when you think about it, the dining table is the largest single piece of furniture in most homes.

The Dining Room:

Whether you have a traditional dining room that is a separate room of its own dedicated to entertaining or you plan to put your round dining table in a kitchen or open plan kitchen/ breakfast room it is crucial that you measure the room and place a dining table in there that is in proportion to the rest of the room.

The problem lies not so much in buying a table that is relatively small for the space- It is your own personal taste and circumstances that will decide this. Rather the problem instead lies with buying a round dining table that is too large for the room. If this happens people will struggle to move around the room and table comfortably and will feel enclosed.

The widely accepted rule is that there should be a 900mm minimum gap between the edge of your table and the wall, not only to stop people feeling like sardines but also so that when the dining chairs are pulled out by diners, the chairs do not brush up against the walls.

The Dining Table Itself: Large Vs Small

The general consensus is that at a round dining table 762mm should be allowed per person, this is because the shape of the table means that a person’s allotted space will narrow nearer the centre of the table.
The size of the table you require will vary according to how many people you plan to seat at it. If you want six people to be able to sit at the table then go for a table that has a 1524mm diameter. Really this is the smallest you can opt for as far as six diners are concerned, any smaller and people will start to feel cramped and there maybe some elbow overlap when it comes to eating!
A round table that is 1016mm in diameter is about the right size for a party of four. Some designers concede that at a squeeze you can fit six at a table of this size but only if there is no alternative.

The Effect:

Allowing different amounts of space per person can even allow you to create different dining experiences. For example, the Regina round dining table is big enough to seat six to eight people but if it is used to seat four and placed in a room where there is ample space for its 1300mm diameter a luxurious, spacious and slightly regal feel will be created.

Alternatively if you want an intimate, casual and friendly atmosphere for a group of six then allowing a large amount of space for each diner won’t work. You’ll need to get something like the Cross Round Extending Dining Table which is 1200mm in diameter and can be extended to fit eight people around it.

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