Console Table Buying Guide: Styling & Sizing Tips

Console Table Buying Guide: Styling & Sizing Tips

Do you ever feel that your room is missing something? It’s probably a be console table! A console table is a great piece of furniture for creating an attractive display area.  With a console table, you can transform a previously unused or awkward spot into the stylish focal point of your space. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of our best sizing and styling tips so you can get the most out of having a console table in your home.

Know Your Measurements

The shape and size of the majority of console tables mean that they are designed to be posited against a wall. This style of table is generally thinner in width and therefore benefits from having the support of the wall to lean, prop and style items against it.

Georgia White Large Ceramic Console Table

Placing a console against a wall is a great opportunity to showcase some of
your favourite artwork. 

This is a handy trick if rented accommodation means no nails in the walls!

If you’re planning on placing a console in your hallway, space awareness is key. You don’t want guests entering your home and bumping straight into your table! Keep in mind that the average hallway is around 90 - 100cm in width, with the majority of console tables measuring between 30cm and 40cm in depth. Based on these measurements, this allows for plenty of room to walk past but it’s always important to check.

If the table has a shelf, it’s also good to check the height and its weight bearing. This is so you know that everything you want to display will fit nicely in the space available.

Isla White Glass And Brass Console Table

TOP TIP: Console tables have a lot less storage compared to sideboards due to the slim nature of their design. If storage is a must but you don’t have room for a storage unit, you can always store items in the open space underneath, either stacked or tidied away in stylish boxes.

Console Finishes

When choosing a table finish material, it’s a good idea to consider what flooring you have in your space. For example, if you have tiled or wooden flooring, a chrome, glass or mirrored, finished console table would be ideal for adding a crisp and modern look to the space.

Chrome finishes are also great alongside coloured or patterned carpets and rugs as they will beautifully reflect the colours. Gloss fits into a range of interiors but would add a lovely smooth look when placed on a coloured carpet or coordinated tiling.  


Tiva Glass and Chrome Console Table

 Tiva Glass and Chrome Console Table - The colourful rung and artwork is a great match for the reflective

  • A glass console table is ideal for placement in a smaller space as the transparency of the glass really helps to create the illusion of more room.
  • Glass is visually very light, making it something to really consider if you’ve already got a lot of colour and design going on in your space.
  • A glass and chrome console combination is great for adding a hint of contemporary design while also blending seamlessly with a range of finishes within your existing interior.


Acute White Gloss And Chrome Console Table
  • A high gloss console table will allow you to brighten up your space alongside adding a smooth and wonderfully reflective finish.

  • Depending on what colour finish you choose, you can style, coordinate and really modernise your space. Brighter colours are perfect for adding a fresh and vibrant feel, so consider what atmosphere you want to create in your space to help with your colour selection.

  • A white gloss finish will instantly add a clean, crisp and modern luxe look while darker hues such a taupe will add a warm and tactile feel.

Wood Veneer:

Toronto Dark Wood Console Table
  • A wood veneer will bring such a tactile and inviting feel, a great first impression if you’re planning on putting your console in your hallway or entrance space.

  • Rich wooden finishes like walnut are perfect for coordinating with more modern materials for a really on trend, mixed material look. Walnut looks especially good with dark luxe finishes like black chrome.

Calana White Oak and Glass Console Table
  • A white or grey oak veneer finish has a wonderfully tactile and textured quality as you can see the stylish wood grain running throughout. Oak veneer finishes are much less reflective than gloss, making it a great alternative to having a bright, glossy finish in your home.

Work Your Space

One of the great features of a console table is that they’re not restricted to one room. If you’ve got an empty space in your home, chances are a console table would fill it nicely! If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a selection of ideal console table placements:

The Hallway:

If you place a console table in your hallway or on your landing, it will instantly create a useful ledge for your keys, purse, letters and a variety of miscellaneous items.

  • The Living Room: 

A console table can also be used to create an ornate display in your living room setting by incorporating mirrors and table lamps. Its sizing means it that won’t take up much of your space while still creating a big style impact in your interior. Style a console next to or behind your sofa for an extra yet slim surface. 

  • The Dining Room:

In a dining room, a console table can be a useful place to display your favourite china or crystal glass. Having a console in your dining space is also an ideal spot for placing any extra dining chairs that aren’t in use around your dining table. This way, the chairs will not look lost or clutter the space but rather create another stylish seating area.

  • The Bedroom:

You could use a console table as streamlined dressing table by simply placing a mirror in the centre. It could also be used as a desk which is ideal in a bedroom as its slim shape means it won’t take up lots of your room. Place desk tides and organizers on and around the console to create handy storage spaces, just bear in mind that a console will be higher than your average desk.


Ripple Glass And Polished Stainless Steel Console Table

Console Table Styling

Now you know your sizing and finishes, it’s time to think about styling! We’ve compiled a list of simple but super effective styling tips that will have your console table looking right at home in no-time:

1) To stop the surface or the shelf of the console becoming cluttered or messy, place a box or dividers onto the surface to organise the variety of items you wish to place onto it. 

2) A decorative dish or tray is a quick fix to stop anyone just throwing their keys down on the table surface, helping to prevent minor dents and scratch marks.

3) Baskets, boxes and even plants are a great way to fill the empty space below a console table. They’ll also help to add another element of style, colour and texture. Practical and good looking- what more could you need!

4) A stack of books is a great way to use part of the console surface space. Old or new, books will give the surface a styled yet homely feel.

5) Placing a mirror on a table against a wall will create a lovely decorative feature. It’s also great for bringing light to your space.
6) Make use of the wall above your console by hanging your favourite artwork or family photos. Having the table positioned underneath is a subtle but effective way to bring attention to the frame.

 7) A real designer trick is to use a pair of lamps on either side of an oversized mirror or vignette of photographs. It’s a simple yet very effective way to create an impactful look.

8) Small stools and ottomans are a great way to create a clean and symmetrical look. This arrangement will also provide a handy space when you’ve got more people to seat.

For tips on how to style the whole of your living room alongside your sideboard, take a look at our Ultimate Living Room Buying Guide. 

Show Us Your Style!

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