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Eva White Gloss Coffee Table

If you're after a simple yet elegant design of modern coffee table, the Eva White Gloss Coffee Table might just be what you're after. With its clean lines and beautiful curves, the Eva will instantly add a defined and elegant look to your space, with the white high gloss finish giving this piece a fresh and very modern look. Whether you need a place to put your coffee or a handy surface for your book and reading light, the Eva White Gloss Coffee Table will be a very elegant addition to your living space. What You Need To Know:
  • The Eva White Gloss Coffee Table measures 40cm in height, 55cm in width and 88cm in length. The height has been carefully considered and designed to be similar to most modern sofas, making the Eva a perfect fit for your lounge or seating area.
  • The top of this coffee table has a shallow routed lip while each of the 4 legs have a classic 45° chamfer. This subtle detailing is a nod to classic carpentry, creating a modern look which can also be blended with more traditional pieces.
  • To create the elegant leg shape of this coffee table, we've smoothed the edges and taken away any unnecessary shape. This gives the legs one seamless curve from top to bottom. It's this contemporary take on a classic design that makes this coffee table much better suited to modern family homes.
  • The high white gloss finish of the Eva coffee table has been applied in 3 layers, dried for 12 hours each. This lengthy process ensures a durable finish that is highly reflective, with a depth of finish that you just wouldn't get with low a quality gloss.
  • White gloss is a truly designer finish for something as decorative and practical as a coffee table. As it's a neutral tone, it is incredibly easy to place in your existing interior, while also allowing you to really style and make your own.
If you love the look of our Eva White Gloss Coffee Table, then we definitely suggest taking a look at our range of Eva dining tables and console tables. After a different colour? This stylish piece is also available in taupe or aqua high gloss.


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