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Denza White Coffee Table

This white high gloss Denza Coffee Table is a contemporary, rectangular coffee table with the added advantage of hidden storage within. Its sleek and streamlined shape allows for plenty of styling opportunities along the glossy top while the sloped feet add a stylish contrasting finish. The coffee table lid can also be locked in place to provide a handy table or desk to place your dinner or laptop. What You Need To Know:
  • The lid of the Denza lifts up on hinges at either side to provide a handy storage compartment for magazines, newspapers and coffee table books. This is perfect for discreetly storing away all those miscellaneous items in your living room that just don't seem to have a home!
  • The edge of the lid creates a really sleek design feature, due to its smooth curves. In addition, the lid can be locked into the raised position so that you can place a laptop or TV dinner upon it, making this coffee table incredibly versatile and practical.
  • The two painted aluminium grey legs of the Denza are looped with rounded corners, to create a stylish contrasting shape and finish to the glossy body of the coffee table. This enhances the Denza's modern and stylish look.
  • The Denza coffee table measures 32cm in height, 60cm in width and 120cm in length. When the lid is open the height is 57.9cm. This clever sizing makes the Denza ideal for placing in front of your sofa or seating area, so your drinks and TV remotes are always at arm's reach!
If you're a little pushed for space or need a piece that can be used for multiple purposes, the Denza White Coffee Table is a very practical solution. We also have the Lift White High Gloss Coffee Table if you're after a slightly different shape of coffee table but still with a white high gloss finish.
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