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Eva 6 Seater White Gloss Dining Table

The Eva 6 Seater White Gloss Dining Table has been designed with style and practicality in mind. This gorgeous table has a smooth, curved leg frame with subtle yet effective chamfer details, topped off with a crisp, clean white gloss finish. If you are looking for an easy way to add an elegant and contemporary flare to your dining space, then the Eva is definitely the table for you. What You Need To Know:
  • Measuring at 160 x 80 x 75cm, this Eva table can comfortably seat up to 6 people. This sizing, paired with the slim and elegant design on the leg frame, allows the table to have enough visual impact without taking up too much space in your dining room.
  • When designing the Eva, our main inspiration was the look of a traditional English kitchen style table. We added our own modern spin by smoothing the original lines and taking the unnecessary shape away. This is most apparent in the leg design, which has one seamless curve from top to bottom and a 45° chamfer. The main benefit of this is that the bottom of the leg is nice and slim, in keeping with tables overall elegant design.
  • The top of the table has a shallow routed lip. This stops the table from looking overly hard or too crisp. This subtle feature is a nod towards classic carpentry detailing; a truly high end feature on a table without the high end price.
  • The white high gloss finish has been applied in 3 layers, each dried for 24 hours. This ensures a highly reflective finish that is both durable and easy to clean.
  • We've selected a white high gloss finish for this table as it not only looks elegant and contemporary, but because it also reflects light throughout your room. This results in the finish naturally creating the illusion of more space, adding a brighter feel to your dining area.
With its gentle curves and subtle detailing throughout, the Eva 6 Seater White Gloss Dining Table is such a designer looking piece. This stylish table is also available in the form of the Eva 4 Seater White Gloss Dining Table and Eva 8 Seater White Gloss Dining Table, so be sure to shop the collection to find a size that is perfect for you and your home.
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