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Cross 4 Seater White Gloss Dining Table

Most people with busy households wouldn't dream of having a white dining table - imagine the meal time mess! But what if we told you that you could have an elegantly crisp white gloss table and not have to worry about cleaning it 24/7 to keep its wonderful shine? Our Cross 4 Seater White Gloss Dining Table, part of our exclusive designer range, is great for creating a sense of light and the feeling of more space, all the while being wipeable and easy to maintain, making it perfect for busy mealtimes when there are lots of mouths to feed! What You Need To Know:
  • The frame of this Cross 4 Seater Dining Table actually crosses under the white gloss table top. This subtle yet effective feature keeps the design of the table very simple, but in a stylised way. By adding the under frame, we've included an extra bit of design with lots of added stability.
  • With similar qualities to that of a pedestal base, the frame allows for space around and under the table. You could comfortably sit guests two by two or one on each edge without the table legs getting in the way. This makes the table very versatile, both with where you can place it in a space and how many guests you choose to seat.
  • We use a high grade of MDF for this range of dining tables as part of our brand commitment to always providing products that are as safe as they are beautiful. This is so you can always buy our products with absolute security and confidence.
  • The application of the white gloss finish on this table is a multistage process. 3 coats of gloss are applied, each dried for 24 hours and then the table is polished by hand for a high shine. It's this layering process that gives the white gloss finish its depth and durability.
  • White gloss is a great material finish as it not only creates the illusion of more space by reflecting light, but its smooth appearance creates a minimalist yet luxurious feel. This is ideal for when you are perhaps a little pushed for space, but want to bring an bright and open feel to your ding area.
This Cross 4 Seater White Gloss Dining Table is ideal for family mealtimes, both as a spot for all the buffet snacks and as a stylish spot for a quiet dinner for two. If you like the look and design of this table, why not take a look at some other finishes available such as the Cross 4 Seater Grey Gloss Dining Table or the Cross 4 Seater White Gloss and Oak.
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