Arc Round 4 Seater Glass and White Gloss Dining Table


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A dining table is so much more than just somewhere eat. Think about times when you’ve been sat at a table; you’re chatting with friends, asking about the kid’s day at school and enjoying each other's company. From the Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell range, the Arc Dining Table in Glass and White Gloss combines an open round shape and inviting design to bring a fresh a modern look to your dining area, while also helping to bring the space together.

What You Need To Know:

  • Measuring 110cm in diameter and 75cm in height, the Arc glass table table can comfortably sit 4 people. Depending on the chairs you choose, you could probably squeeze an extra seat in when needed, perfect when a friend or family member pops round for dinner!

  • The Arc Dining Table has all the stability of a four-legged table, but with the space friendly qualities of a pedestal table. This, combined with the round clear glass table top, makes it incredibly useful for when you are perhaps a little pushed for space, or you don’t want a large dining table occupying lots of space in your room.

  • The round table top of the Arc is made from tempered glass. It has a beautiful reflective quality which creates a visual lightness throughout the surface. The benefit of this is that it creates a feeling of space, really making the most of the room you have available.

  • We use tempered glass on all of glass products because it is super safe, durable and easy to maintain. Tempered safety glass is one of the most durable surface materials you can get for the home, so you needn’t worry about the glass being fragile around your friends, family and young children.

  • To keep the proportions of this table perfect, we've given the frame a slim profile. The steel frame is still fully supportive of the table top, meaning the table is incredibly strong but still looks streamlined and elegant.

  • A feature of the frame of the Arc table is that it actually crosses under the tabletop, rather than the legs just poking out from the underside of the glass. This creates a clean-lined and simple appearance but does so in an elegant and thoughtful way. Adding the underframe gives this Arc Dining Table a stylish design feature alongside a tonne of extra support and stability.

  • The steel legs of the Arc Dining Table are treated with 3 layers of white high gloss that are dried for 24 hours in between each coating. The legs are then polished, by hand, to really perfect a high shine to ensure a hard finish that is highly reflective and durable.

With its mix of materials, smooth shape and social dining at its core, the Arc Round Glass and White Gloss Dining Table really is a great choice if you want to bring everyone together. If you love the shape of the Arc but are after a slightly different finish for your space, why not look at the rest of the Arc collection, which is part of our Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell range.

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Customer service was excellent. They delivered exactly when they said they would. Product is of excellent quality. I cannot recommend Danetti highly enough :) H Garnett, London
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    Table Measurements
    Property Measurement
    Table Height 75cm
    Table Diameter 110cm

    Delivery & Assembly

    Assembly of the Arc Round Glass and Gloss Dining Table is very easy. All you need to do is attach the legs to the threads within the UV bonded components on the top. Please note that because the table top is tempered glass, it will be very heavy, so you will need two people to lift and turn it over.

    Top Tip: We’d advise assembling the table while it is still in the box, as this will help to protect the top. Make sure that when you turn the table upright, you lift it rather than pivot it on the legs.

    Care & Cleaning

    The number one tip for looking after a tempered glass table surface is a pretty obvious one, but it’s so important to not place or use abrasive materials on the table as this will scratch its beautifully smooth surface. We always suggest using placemats and coasters each meal time, as this will give the surface that extra layer of protection.

    To clean a tempered glass table, spray a non-abrasive glass cleaner onto a lint-free cloth and gently rub the glass clean in a circular motion. Then, with a dry microfiber cloth, buff the surface until it’s dry. You can also use soapy lukewarm water and dish soap to give the table a good clean, but make sure you wipe away the soapy residue off of the glass to avoid leaving water marks.

    To clean the gloss table legs, all you need is a soft microfibre damp cloth. Do not use any harsh chemical based cleaners as this will potentially damage the surface- water will do just the trick. A mild detergent like washing up liquid is ideal for cleaning up more stubborn marks and it’s always best to wipe up any spills as soon as they occur.


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    Designers Notes

    Considered Engineering Equals Coordinated Design.

    A subtle but super effective design feature of the Arc Round Glass and White Gloss Dining Table is the slimmed leg frame. In the original design, the legs are slightly chunkier to accommodate the thicker table top, but we found this didn’t work the same when it came to switching to a glass table surface. This is why we have slimmed down the leg frame to keep it proportional with the sleek glass top. The benefit here is that the leg frame is just as sturdy and strong as before, but with a much more sleek, streamlined and elegant appearance.

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