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Stylo Dining Armchair

Dining armchairs are a great piece to have in your dining area, as they not only look great but are super comfortable too. The deep seat allows you to really sink back while the arms either side offer plenty of support. The wire leg frame is such an interesting design feature, something that is sure to receive lots of compliments when placed in your home! What You Need To Know:
  • This chair can only be purchased in pairs and comes in a box of two. The price shown is for each chair.
  • The Stylo chairs are at such a good price point considering the design ingenuity that has gone into making them strong and long lasting. This makes them an ideal choice when you need to purchase quite a few chairs, or when you want a seat that has luxurious quality but without an expensive price tag.
  • The steel leg frame of the Stylo gives this dining chair an such a clean-lined and contemporary look. The leg frame is a great styling feature on its own, or you can easily coordinate it with other metal elements in your interior.
  • The floor protectors of the Stylo are actually built into the base of the leg. This is a really thoughtful design feature as it's more discrete than having the protectors attached to the end, yet you still are able to protect your flooring.
  • The Stylo Dining Armchair is a lightweight but sturdy dining chair. The seat is moulded from Polypropylene which is such a durable and easy to clean material. This makes the Stylo ideal for family dining as it will be able to withstand meal time mess!
  • Our in-house design team curated the colour palette for the Stylo chair with real homes in mind. The variety of colours available makes coordinating with your existing interior even easier, as there is a colour to suit almost every style and colour scheme.
The Stylo Dining Armchair is a great match with our Stylo Dining Chair, so why not shop the look and incorporate both of these sleek pieces into your home.
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