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Luxe Modern Velvet Armchair

Want to create a cosy corner in your living room or bedroom interior? Look no further! The Luxe Modern Velvet Armchair is the perfect piece for adding a modern look and a piece of cosy comfort to your space. What You Need To Know:
  • The Luxe Modern Velvet Armchair measures 112cm across the front and 59cm in depth. This considered sizing allows you to really sink back into the chair and get super comfortable.
  • For the seat, we've used a high-density PU foam and Zigzag springs which allows the armchair to ‘bounce back' when vacated. This keeps it looking uniform and neat, while also being very accommodating as it almost moulds to your shape.
  • The velvet upholstery used for the Luxe armchair is a short pile, semi-matt velvet. This means that the surface has a subtle sheen, rather than a high shine. It's enough to give the velvet a textured, soft look without it looking too overpowering. This, combined with the quilting, gives the seat a sleek Chesterfield vibe.
  • The stand-out feature of the Luxe Modern Velvet Armchair has to be its quilted front and back. This classic design feature gives this chair a really luxurious and expensive look, while also adding to the overall comfort of the seat.
  • The Luxe armchair has 4 slightly curved wooden feet. The dark wood finish helps to add a touch of interest to the base of the chair while the curve beautifully mirrors that of the arms and back. This gives the Luxe such a smooth and well designed overall look.
The Luxe velvet armchair is also available in larger 2 to 3 seater sofa and a 3 seater sofa, chaise lounge and as an footstool, for you to complete a velvet luxe look throughout your space.
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