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If there is one product you should love and invest in, it's your mattress. Did you know that an uncomfortable mattress can rob you of up to an hour’s vital, restful sleep per night?

At Danetti, all of our mattresses are hand-crafted in the UK. Each mattress is handmade once you've placed your order and comes with a manufacturer's warranty, so you can buy in confidence knowing that your mattress will last.

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Choosing The Right Comfort For You

The Classic Comfort

A hassle-free and simple mattress for your spare bedroom, or something without the fuss. Crafted with quality materials and built for optimal comfort, this mattress comes with all the basics for a good night's sleep.

The Deluxe Comfort

The ideal everyday mattress, with pressure relieving properties thanks to its dynamic edge. Also crafted with a natural cotton filling and breathable layers that promote air circulation. The mattress has natural layers on both sides which means you can flip and rotate it to prolong its quality.

The Blissful Comfort

This hybrid mattress consists of latex; an innovative natural alternative to memory foam. The material moulds to your body and bounces back to retain its shape. Designed with a reinforced edge for maximum sleep space, so no matter how you sleep, there's edge-to-edge support.

The Luxury Comfort

Every detail of this mattress has been considered, from the handstitched edging and opulent woollen tufts to its natural filling. As this mattress is crafted with wool, it promotes the perfect sleeping temperature, delivering superior support and a restful sleep night after night. The natural layers on both sides means you can flip and rotate it to prolong its quality.

Caring For Your Mattress

Build To Last, For A Better Night's Sleep

Remember to look after your new mattress so you can get the best night's sleep. Looking after your mattress will also help prolong its lifecycle.

Here are the key things to remember:

1. Air and ventilate your new mattress on a weekly basis for a few hours.

2. Use a mattress protector or topper to protect your mattress against sweat, moisture, dead skin, bacteria as well as any spills

3. Depending on the type of mattress you buy, make sure to either turn, flip or rotate your mattress as appropriate every 3 months. This ensures an even and consistent distribution of pressure and will also stop indents.

4. Use the correct base and headboard so that your mattress fits and is supported by the base of the bed.

5. Keep your mattress clean and fresh by washing your bedding weekly as instructed on the care label to kill any bacteria.
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