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Outdoor 4 Seater Garden Dining Sets - Danetti UK

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Outdoor Four Seater Dining Sets

Outdoor Four Seater Dining Sets

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FurnitureOutdoor Four Seater Dining Sets

Our collection of four-seater dining sets combines style, function and form so you can make the most of your garden this summer. We understand gardens come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so wanted to make sure there was something for everyone in this range. So whether you’re looking for a set to suit a smaller garden or patio, or perhaps to section off a dining area in a larger outdoor space, a small outdoor dining set might just be what you need. Every bench, chair and table combination has been carefully considered to offer you the best selection of outdoor seating.

How to Style a Small Garden with a Small Outdoor Table: You can still make a big style impact in a small garden space, you just need to be clever with your spacing and sizing. For example, two to four-seater dining sets with lots of character is a great way to make a style statement in a smaller space. Colourful chairs are a smart choice as they’ll help to brighten and freshen up any patio space or garden corner. This teamed with a premium finish such as frosted glass will give your dining set such a sleek and premium look.

Top Tip: Round table shapes will help to make the most of the area you have available as they free up some space by not having corners, while tables with a pedestal base allow you to pull up a couple of extra seats and make everyone feel welcome.

How to Style a Large Garden with a Small Outdoor Table: Smaller garden tables aren’t just for small gardens, though. If you’ve got a larger outdoor space you could use a four-seater set to section off a dining area, without making the table the main focal point in your space. Or perhaps you’d rather have a smaller table on your patio or decking and have the remaining space as a lounge area with an armchair or corner bench. Consider your space and the look you’d like to create to help you decide what size garden table will be best.