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Whether it’s just you and the kids for dinner every night, or whether you like to entertain in your home, there’s no doubt that one of the main purposes of eating together is to have a good chat. And one of the best ways to do this is around a round dining table!


Round Tables: Social Seating

If you want to encourage conversation at home, then a circular dining table is the best choice. Guests can easily see and talk to those next to them as well as those across the other side. It’s a much more relaxed setting – when did you ever go to a job interview and sit at a round table?!


Good Looks

Round dining tables can look really attractive too. Since most rooms are square or rectangular, a circular table can help to soften the lines in the space and make it more interesting.


Stylish Solutions

Circualr tables are so easy to decorate – place mats layered up with different sizes of plates can look very effective, as can small arrangements of flowers or candles in the centre of the table, although you have to make sure that you’re not blocking people’s view of the other diners! Glass tables are visually very light, so opt for this material if you want to create an open and spacious look.


Seating Options

Most of our circular dining tables are ideal for four people – if you want a table that you can fit more people on, then you might like to consider getting a table with a central support, rather than legs so that people can position themselves anywhere around the table.



In terms of space, we’d advise leaving a metre all the way around your table to allow for chairs and space for people to walk around the table. Round tables are really versatile as you can always pull up a couple of extra seats, even if seating does become snug.


If you’d like the option to add spaces as an when needed, opt for an extending dining table. That way, you have a smaller table day to day with the option to increase the table size when you have more people to seat.

If you want to read more, you’re in luck. Take a look at our Ultimate Dining Table Buying Guide and you’ll be one step closer to having your dream dining table in your home.


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