The Cubilux Leather Chair

The Cubilux is a very comfortable soft leather chair. I liked the genuine soft leather on the seat back and top of the armrests that is in contrast to the more textured faux leather sides and reverse of the chair. The faux leather is used on the more exposed parts of the chair where there is more likely to be wear and tear and it can limit damage. But in using this contrast of textures it actually creates a pleasant sensory experience when running the hand over it.

I found it a very pleasing chair to sit on with the deep seat encouraging you to lean back into it. The full swivel capacity and gas lift are great because it allows you to move around in it if you need to focus your attention elsewhere and raise or lower the height dependent on the height of the table.

The shiny chrome base is very sturdy and the chair is fairly heavy, so although you can move around freely, the heavy base ensures you cannot fall over.

The chair would look great in a reception area or an office. as well as a bar or nightclub accompanied with a low table. The classic black or red leather finish can look good in any contemporary interior. Assembly is also easy with no more than 5 components.

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