Space-saving contemporary furniture for modern living

Increasingly in the UK, especially in busy urban areas, we’re living in flats and modern houses that just aren’t designed for the three-piece suite and enormous hunks of wooden furniture. The way we live now demands furniture that doesn’t take up too much space and is multi-functional whenever possible.

We’ve got seven secrets which are well worth considering if you’re short on space but want to be tall on style.

1. Keep it plain and neutral.

It’s tempting to use fancy wallpaper and bright colours when decorating, but once you introduce your furniture and the inevitable clutter of every day life, your small rooms will start to look tiny. The best option is to use white or ivory paint and furniture in block colours to create a blank canvas, then hang interesting art and introduce pattern on soft furnishings.

2. Use a rug.

Although you may not have much floor space, a neutral, light rug can actually help to open up a room and create the optical illusion of space, especially if you choose one that fits easily within the centre of the room. You can use it to ‘anchor’ your furniture, which is helpful if you’re pushing it all to the walls to create space.

3. Go armless.

It may not seem like something that would make a huge difference, but it our experience choosing armless furniture can help to create an airy, uncluttered look, and give the illusion of more space. At Danetti, we’ve got chairs and sofas without arms, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

4. Create distinct areas.

If you have a studio flat or a room that you have to use as a living and dining space, it can help if you mark off the different areas with use of furniture as a ‘barrier’. For example, by letting your sofa ‘float’ in the middle of the room, with its back to the dining or bedroom space is a good way to fence off the living room.

5. Use furniture cleverly.

‘Floating’ sofas may be good for defining your space, but they leave a wide expanse of boring sofa-back exposed, which is wasted space. Use this by positioning a console table or wide cabinet behind the sofa. It’ll be good for lamps and other home accessories, provide useful storage and can be used as a buffet table if you have guests.

6. Use your walls.

If floor space is sparse, look upwards for inspiration with wall-mounted cupboards and bookshelves. Just make sure they are always neat and tidy of you’ll be creating an eye-sore.

7. Keep clutter at bay.

Sometimes there’s just not room for everything, so you’re going to have to be ruthless and throw away the things you really don’t need. For everything else, make sure you have a place for it to go. Dig out all the piles of paperwork and newspapers you’ve been keeping around the place and have a thorough sort out, then file away what you’re keeping in a cabinet.

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