Open Plan Living – 7 Tips on How to Zone Your Space

Open Plan Living – 7 Tips on How to Zone Your Space
Open plan living is on the rise and it’s easy to see why! Transforming a room
into a cosy, communal and inviting area is the epitome of modern living.
However, we understand it can be a little daunting to work out a room plan
when there are so many elements to consider. Well, fear not! Our 7 tips on
zoning open plan living and dining room spaces is here to help. In this post, we’ll show you how to use various furniture pieces to create a sleek yet multi-functional open plan living area in your home.


Open Plan Living: 7 Top Tips

1. Sofas

Although traditionally tucked away in a cosy corner of your living room, a corner sofa is an effortless way to create a subtle divide between an open plan kitchen and living area. The straight back will create the divide between the rooms while the corner element keeps the space looking connected and inviting.

Mihaela and Steven’s Barnet loft is a great example of open plan living.
You can checkout the rest of there loft-living look here.


2. Side Tables

An incredibly sleek and versatile way to zone your space is by using modular side table sets.
This is because you can stack, store and style the tables to suit your space. You could group the tables together to create a focal point in your living area or separate
the tables so there’s a handy surface by each seat.

Having an open plan space means you can zone a variety of different areas.

For example, here we have a living and dining combo that looks light, modern and still wonderfully spacious.

3. Dining Sets

For an open plan kitchen and dining area, it’s key that your dining set looks inviting and welcoming. You don’t want the set to look a bit lost in the open space. To do this, opt for a rectangular table to mirror the shape of the room. Dining armchairs are a great option to increase the comfort factor and will give your set more presence in the space. If you can, try to coordinate your dining chairs with your breakfast bar seating. This will help to keep the look connected while the dining set itself remains in its own separate ‘zone’ of the space. 

This kitchen/dining/living open plan area by Interhouse Design shows how you can combine different zones to create a connected and cohesive look. You can view more of their stunning arrangements on their Instagram.

4. Dining Benches 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to have you dining set in the centre of your space, a dining bench is perfect for creating a cosy dining corner. This is a great setting for an open plan room as it keeps the look communal and inviting while maximising your space. Pair your corner bench with a pedestal dining table for ease of movement and a truly sleek setting.

5. Shelving 

Create a real style statement in your space with free-standing shelves. An open back shelving unit, like the Aria Glass and White Oak Shelving Unit, can be used to create a clear separation in your space without needing to put up curtains or fake walls. The added bonus of an open back shelf is that it has accessible storage space from both sides. The openness will help to retain the wonderfully light and spacious qualities of an open plan room, while also giving you the option to easily move the shelf around when you feel like rearranging the layout of your room.

6. Sideboards 

Like a shelving unit, a sideboard can be used for both zoning and storage. A perfect spot to style your sideboard would be behind your corner sofa (positioned as we mentioned earlier). Doing this will create a really neat and clear divide. A sideboard is not as big as a shelving unit, but it has more storage than a console table. This makes it an ideal fit for a variety of spaces. Opt for a sideboard with a white gloss finish to keep your room looking light and fresh.

7. Console Tables 

Placed sideways, a console table can be used to differentiate between different zones. This could be a sleeping and living space in a studio flat or a combined living and dining area. Opt for a console if you’re a little pushed for space. Unlike a shelving unit or sideboard, a console table will take up less of your room. It also will have less of a visual impact in the space.

Show Us Your Style

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Published Date: January 2018 

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