Halloween House Party: How to Dress a Stylish Halloween Table

Halloween House Party: How to Dress a Stylish Halloween Table

Halloween. It seems every year it gets bigger and bigger. But gone are the days of tacky cobwebs and fake plastic pumpkins for halloween decorations. These days, we are all lusting after that perfectly styled, interior magazine feel to our halloween decor. As Halloween is less than a week away, take a look out our favourite spooky table settings to get you in the mood!


1. Subtle Halloween Style

If you’re not quite ready to go black, take a look at this perfectly subtle and cool Halloween Table. This is also the most simple halloween look to recreate- perfect for those last minute halloween decor ideas!


My Scandinavian Home Subtle Table Dressing


Get yourself down to your local florist or garden centre and get a handful of deep purple flowers along with a bunch of greyish-green foliage (eucalyptus is perfect). You can usually find jars and glass bottles in a local antique bric-a-brac store, or you may even have these at home! Place your flowers and foliate in your glass, and save the most beautiful sprigs to go on your guests plates.


2. Wax Dipped Roses

If like me, your favourite colour is black, have a go at creating an all black halloween table top, including stunning dipped roses. Similar to the example above, as long as you have black plates and textiles, this is a super achievable look.


Camille Styles Sophisticated Table Dressing


Its all the black elements that really make this look, so the darker the better. Black candles also bring the table to life. the little flickering of the flame brings the warmth and romance. As for the roses, these have been dipped in wax, to deepen the colour and preserve them forever. Just be sure not to forget a few dried leaves, to create an derelict house feel and stop your table looking flat.


3. Painted Halloween Pumpkins

This Halloween we’ve created a super achievable Halloween Decor Idea by using miniature pumpkins and painting them autumnal colours. We also found these incredible, open, deep red roses from a local florist- we couldn’t resist!



The Assi Extending Dining Table is perfect for those Autumnal colours! 


Creating this look couldn’t be simpler. Buy an odd number of pumpkins and paint them 3 or 4 different colours. After you have placed your plates and cutlery (we went for gold, to keep it modern), scatter your pumpkins, roses and a few colourful leaves foraged from the surrounding areas. However, if you want your roses to last even after halloween, you could use a few little jam jars and dessert dishes to keep your roses hydrated!


4. Floral Autumn Dream

If you’re going for a more luxe, upmarket halloween party (think Heidi Klum’s annual Halloween Extravaganza), then go all out on a bright, autumnal floral arrangement, like that of 3 Leaf Floral.


3 Leaf Floral Autumnal Table Dressing


Ask your local florist for a bouquet of coral, peach and claret red roses, balanced out with deep purple berries and and deep green foliage. This will be a statement for sure as soon as anyone walks into your dining room. Pluck a few berries and petals to scatter across the table, and add a few red and yellow apples and pears for an extra texture. Keep your plates and candlesticks black to keep the moody spooky feel. Up your game dark glass goblets for a traditional, gothic feel.


5. Spook-tacular Party

Finally, we have the quick and easy, yet oh so effective All Black Halloween Table Styling, complete with creepy crawlies. If like me, you’ve left your party prep to the last minute, don’t sweat it! This look can be achieve by popping to your local supermarket to pick up a few supplies!


Jungalow’s All Black Table Styling


This is our most traditional Halloween decoration, with clever (and not in the slightest bit tacky) plastic insects. Get yourself down to the supermarket and pick up some mini pumpkins, little bag of plastic insects- usually found in the seasonal isle- and a nice bottle of red. Well, the colour would be just perfect! Classic chrome cutlery would work great with this style! Pick up a few red berries to scatter across the table to bring a pop of colour. Just don’t eat them!


Show us your Spooky Style

We love seeing all of your #mydanetti pics, so why not show us your Boo-tiful Halloween Style too! Let us know if you try out any of these looks and remember to check us out on Instagram and Facebook for more interior inspiration! Want some more ideas? Check out our Halloween Pinterest Board for our favourite DIY decorations!

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