Furniture That Grows With Your Family

Furniture That Grows With Your Family
Whether you’re about to start a family of your own or are constantly having everyone over for those special get-togethers, you’ll need furniture that can adapt to having more people in your household. Rather than having extra seats out all of the time, you can choose furniture that, quite literally in some cases, grows with your family. That way everyone will feel welcome each and every time they come to visit. 

Extending Dining Sets

An extending table may be the most obvious piece to feature in this post, as it does quite literally grow to seat more people. But an extending table actually has more benefits than you may first think… 

The great thing about an extending dining set is that you don’t need a larger table up all of the time. With an easy to use and discrete extension, you can pull the table apart in seconds to add an additional place settings around the table. An extending table would be a smart choice if you’re just starting a family or if your home is regularly the hub of social events and gatherings.

Top Tip: extending tables aren’t just handy for more place settings. The extra surface space makes them ideal buffet style tables, so you can serve up even more tasty treats!

If you’re after a table that will stand the test of time, the ceramic top of our Louis tables is about to become your new best friend. Scratch resistant, heat resistant up to 100° and easy to clean, this table will provide a place for you to eat, kids to do their homework and a place to chat when friends come around for dinner.

Stackable Chairs

It’s no secret that stackable dining chairs are great space savers. And they’re great for growing families too. You can stack a store your seats when not in use, then easily put them out again during Christmas dinners and those big family get-togethers.
If you’re going to use your chairs regularly you’ll want a material that’s durable and easy to clean. The Fern chair, for example, is made from Plywood Laminate which just needs a damp cloth to be wiped clean. Faux leather and leather chairs are both durable materials, you’ll just want t give them a quick, regular clean to keep them looking their best.

Corner Benches

We can’t say it enough- dining benches are incredibly versatile. Compared to dining chairs, you’re less restricted by how many you can seat as you can space seating out or try and squeeze in a couple more. Having a corner bench means you have a uniform look no matter how many you need to seat.
With a corner bench, you then have the option to add a backless bench or additional dining chairs around your table, so there will definitely be room for all!

Side Tables

Side tables may seem like a simple piece of living room furniture, but if you’re smart with your choices they can really maximise your space. Stackable and multipurpose tables mean that when family come round to visit, you have a handy extra surface or even an extra seat.


Duo Matt Grey Side Table and Lime Fabric Stool Set

The Duo Set can easily be separated so you have two side tables or a small
extra seat. 

Sofa Seating

A more generously sized sofa, such as the Ellis 2 to 3 seater means you can always squeeze in a couple more without the need for an extra occasional chair or seat. The deep seat and high sides of the Ellis sofa creates an enveloping and comfortable setting, making this style of sofa ideal for curling up with your feet up.

Alternatively, if you have the space for a corner sofa, the footrest can become an extra spot to sit.   

So there you have it, some simple but really effective ways to make your home a stylish hub for all the family. Want to read more? Why not take a look at our Living Room and Dining Table ultimate buying guides.


Published Date: July 2018 

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