Cool work canteen seating

Work’s no fun is it?

Getting up every day to do things work-like and sensible when you’d rather be watching Cash in the Attic and eating toast.

Well, if you’re an employer then there’s a way you can make the experience of work that much nicer for your employees…

Give them a great staff canteen.

If we can take an hour out in the middle of the day to eat lunch, chat, read a book or whatever we fancy, then the morning bit and the afternoon bit may become bearable.

That’s where our fabulous Emo chair comes in.

It’s one of our best-sellers and we’re not surprised, as it’s great value for money, really stylish and modern and comes in heaps of colours. Plus it’s stackable and wipe-cleanable.

It’s the perfect choice for a staff canteen or even an informal ‘coffee area’ or breakout room.

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