2021 Interior Design Trends: Our Top Tips From The Experts

Amalfi Champagne Velvet King Size Bed With Storage

If you want to say goodbye to all that is 2020 (we’re all thinking it…) and start the new year with a fresh outlook, what better way to do it than reinjecting some flair or introducing a new style to your home? It’s where we’ve spent most of our time this last year, and it deserves a little TLC for 2021. If you want to refresh and refurb, then this piece will help you do just that as we give you a little insight into what’s in store for interior trends this new year – with some help from our experts, of course.

Focus on Colour

Colour trends and what these colours mean for us and our home have been greatly affected by the current climate. The focus for upcoming interior trends will be all about palettes that enhance a certain mood and the colour predictions for 2021 are focused on evoking certain senses. Colour can make or break a space and choosing one that is appropriate for a particular room or space is an important aspect of interior design. The colour predictions for 2021 home trends include:

  • Palettes consisting of green shades, elements of cooler blues and warm neutrals to help create a sense of calm which is especially relevant. It’s all about turning your home into your sanctuary and creating a relaxing space to be in.
  • Collection of warm neutrals – Experts at Dulux describe these colours as grounding as they evoke a sense of calm when used in a room and provide a connection back to nature with the warm earthy tones. Our Danetti Expert, Furniture Designer Francesca Birch says: “These colours provide a feeling of stability, growth and potential.”
  • The popular trend of oranges and brighter reds has really evolved and will be used in 2021 to bring expression and invigoration to spaces. These shades provide a pop of colour in the home and bring an energised feeling to the room and can be easily added in as an accent chair.
  • Blue and teal tones have had continued success in recent years. They are bold and bright and create positivity and energy within a space. The darker colours bring depth to a room when used as a backdrop and are interesting for key pieces of furniture. This palette works especially well in velvets and when paired with metallic accents.
  • The timeless classic that is yellow – associated as a continuingly caring colour which works well across categories in bedroom, living and dining and a range of interiors such as scandi or maximalist. It really presents the feel-good factor and that’s why it has been included as one of the Pantone Colour Of The Year 2021 picks.


The Danetti Look – Our Recommended Colour Picks From The Expert:

Danetti Furniture Designer, Francesca Birch says: “To create the right look for your home, you have to think about what feeling you want to evoke when stepping into the room. Do you want it to be a relaxing and calming space? A space for reflection and grounding? Or maybe a truly elegant space that makes you feel like you just stepped into a 5* super glamorous hotel that drips with luxury!”


Maya Light Green Velvet King Size Bed
Maya Light Green Velvet King Size Bed
“For a relaxing and calming space you could work with a palette of soft greens and warm neutrals and layer in texture and patterns to create a real sanctuary of your bedroom.”
  • We recommend the Maya King Size Bed - an affordable price tag and a refreshing colour, the Maya is the perfect pick for updating any bedroom - plus, buy any of our beds and mattresses together and receive £100 off your order total.
Denver Dark Oak Console Table
Denver Dark Oak Console Table
Francesca adds: “For a space that evokes feelings of reflection and grounding you would choose warm earthy tones, keeping a mostly minimal room aesthetic but adding in some elements which remind yourself of the connection to nature. This could be things like natural materials like wood and marble and patterns that replicate flora and fauna.”
  • We recommend our Denver or Toronto collection for a ‘nod to nature’ living room update. Both have rich, dark detailing and wood grain effect to add texture and definition to the surface. Plus, it adds to that cosy and homely vibe.
Toronto Dark Wood Console Table
Toronto Dark Oak Console Table
Finally, Francesca says: “For that truly elegant space that gives you the feeling of real ‘at home luxury’ you need to use bold energising colours such as deep navy blues or teal and layer in with art deco inspired elements such as ornate brass lighting and velvet furnishings with metallic accents.”
  • For a luxe dining room refresh, we recommend our Clover Dining Chairs or Dining Benches. Available in a rich fern green and deep sapphire blue velvet with brass capped feet, these accent pieces are timeless classics with all the right modern features.
Clover Velvet Dining Chairs

Pick a style – Interior Trends

Once you’re settled on a colour, you need think about the theme and style for your space, and what this means for you: 2021 is all about ‘mind and home’. Furniture Designer, Francesca Birch says: “For interior trends, we’re definitely seeing a big impact from things that have been going on this year, specifically COVID, and this has led designers and interior designers to focus on something called neuro aesthetics which is how design can impact our health and wellbeing. It’s used in a way that engages all the senses and can include things like experimenting with colour, following new trends that aim to enhance our mood, and following a more holistic approach to designing the home.”

For example, if you want to bring a bit of energy to your home, perhaps you’ll lean towards the ‘staycation renovation’ vibe: if staying home is the new going out, then add those ‘wouldn’t-normally-buy’ pieces to your home.


Berkley White Drinks Cabinet
Berkley White Drinks Cabinet

Staying in never looked better with our Berkley Drinks Cabinet: a real home luxury piece that will bring a bit of fun and sophistication to your space and will look great when we can finally have people round for parties again - what better way to host a get-together than with your own fully stocked mini bar? The glass top to the cabinet makes the Berkley an ideal spot for both storing and serving up your drinks as you can use the space for preparing drinks for your guests. We'll have ours shaken, not stirred...


Trestle Matt White Desk
Trestle Matt White Desk
For a lot of us, 2020 = the new home office, and it’s likely we’ll see a lot more of that in 2021. Forget the sofa and ditch the dining table set up. Your DIY home office deserves to be practical and plush to keep you comfortable and in top form for those endless Zoom meetings. If you’re stuck for space, our Trestle desk is a great pick as it’s compact enough to fit into a smaller space, but also has a full-width drawer for storing away those papers and files. If a spinny desk chair doesn’t quite cut it for you, add a little luxe to WFH life with the Harper: this plush velvet chair is ideal for working from home if you want to add comfort and a bit of glamour to your office.
Things To Remember:
A final note from us:
  1. When it comes to achieving that ‘New Year, New Look’ at home, remember to think about the look you’re trying to achieve and the vibe you want to create in each space.
  2. Think about how you want to feel and how different colours and textures can impact that – take inspiration from interior trends and think about the connotations of the pieces you use.
  3. Ultimately, by investing in your home, you really are investing in yourself. As American interior designer, John Saladino said: “A house is much more than a mere shelter - it should lift us emotionally and spiritually.”


Published Date: December 2020

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