Profile With Bay Velvet Chairs And Mellow Bench 4-6 Seater Set

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The Profile with Bay Velvet Chairs and Mellow Bench 4-6 Seater Set will undoubtedly create a light feel to your dining space. The simple clean lines of the Profile glass table allow light to pass through so you can appreciate the luxurious velvet chairs and bench, an interior designers' trick to give the impression of more space.

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The Danetti Difference

Every element considered.

01. Lots Of Seating Options

The Profile dining table measures 75cm in height, 80cm in width and 140cm in length. This sizing means that you can comfortably have 2 chairs alongside, with the 3-seater bench opposite, as included in this set. And for more seating spaces pop a couple of extra chairs at either end.

02. Strong And Safe

You don't need to have any concerns about the glass dining table being fragile as it is made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is one of the strongest surface materials you can get for the home and all of our glass tables are extensively tested, so you can rest assured that this table is strong and safe.

03. Slim And Elegant

The slim legs of this modern dining table are fixed to the strong tempered glass top, tucking neatly underneath, and finished in a semi-matt grey colour. This neutral tone allows the Profile table to tie-in with lots of kitchen and dining room styles and decor.

04. You Can See It All

Because the glass is clear, the Profile table won't take up a lot of visual space in your interior. This also means you can truly appreciate the luxurious velvet dining chairs as they catch your eye through the clear glass surface.

05. Subtle Sheen

The velvet dining chairs and bench are upholstered in a 100% polyester short pile velvet. This cut of velvet has a light sheen that subtly reflects light, rather than looking shiny. The petrol grey velvet is such an easy way to introduce a velvet finish to your home, as it adds a smooth colouring without looking too overpowering in your space.

06. Cosy, Comfortable Seating

The Mellow 3 Seater Dining Bench can comfortably seat 3 people. The great thing about a dining bench is that seating feels super cosy and comfortable, and you can squeeze an extra person around the table when needed. This means you can maximise the space while keeping it looking stylish and coordinating perfectly with the Bay velvet chairs.

07. Opened Up

For this glass table and velvet chair set we wanted to create an open feel so we included the Mellow velvet bench without backrest. This style of dining bench will give your dining space a really open look that's not interrupted by the seat back. This is also a feature to consider if you'd like to tuck the benches under your table to save space when not in use.

08. Designed To Stay Looking Good

The seat cushion of the Mellow bench is constructed of no sag zig-zag springs within a fibre wrapping. This gives the bench a smoother overall appearance with a medium-soft sit. The benefit of this construction is that it's incredibly comfortable while also allowing the seat to bounce back when not in use, keeping the velvet upholstery looking neat and uniform.

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