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Form Black Chrome Bar Stool With Backrest

From our Top Rated Form collection, part of the Exclusively Danetti with Julia Kendell range, the Form Black Chrome Bar Stool with Backrest is sure to impress friends and family when you invite them over for a glass of wine or a spot of brunch. The black chrome base really is a premium, designer finish that you genuinely won't find all over the place, making it something really special. Like all the pieces in the Form range, this bar stool is modern, sleek and lavishly comfortable. What more could you want for your home! What You Need To Know:
  • This bar stool can only be purchased in pairs and comes in a box of two. The price shown is for each bar stool.
  • The backrest of the Form Black Chrome Bar Stool curves around just enough towards the base of the seat, offering plenty of comfort and support when seated. It's an added feature to the original design of the Form bar stool, creating an incredibly enjoyable sitting experience.
  • The comfort of these bar stools is one of the championing features, as it means friends and family can gather round, sit and get comfy while everyone's chatting and enjoying themselves around the breakfast bar or in your kitchen.
  • The seat and backrest of the Form bar stool is upholstered in smooth faux leather, which is easy to clean, even in tone and at a lower price point, making it a great alternative to having a real leather upholstery.
  • Alongside Julia, we have hand picked the colour palette for these stools with real homes in mind. This is so we can make sure there's a colour or combination that will go with almost any kitchen.
  • The cantilever base of the Form bar stool has an internal steel frame within the tubular frame. This is to make the bounce in the cantilever base strong, supportive and even more durable.
  • The Form Black Chrome Bar Stool with Backrest has the same signature detailing as all of the Form range, with the frame wrapping around the back and the curves mirrored in the cantilever. This creates such a coordinated piece that looks great from all angles.
  • The black chrome finish is darker and not as reflective as regular chrome, but still brings an effortlessly modern look to any space ,making it an ideal alternative to a shiny silver finish.
  • Black chrome is also ideal if you're trying to tie the stools in with a dark work surface or floor, as the black chrome can have a really lovely, slightly bolder look. It's also great for coordinating with kitchen hardware and appliances, making styling these stools in your home incredibly easy.
  • The footrest towards the base of the Form will not only help you get up into the seat, but it also makes for a far more comfortable sitting experience as there is somewhere to rest your feet. It is subtle details like this that make the Form a truly premium seat.
  • The floor protectors of this modern bar stool are set within the black chrome frame to not interrupt the smooth shape of the cantilever base, but most importantly, to help prevent marks and reduce drag noise when the stools are moved. This is a key feature when you consider how often bar stool are pulled in and out and moved around the area.
With its dark luxe looks and modern flair, the Form Black Chrome Bar Stool with Backrest is perfect for adding a deluxe, contemporary and classy look in your dining room or around your breakfast bar. Need a slightly different finish? Why not take a look at our Form Chrome Bar Stool with Backrest, which is exactly the same shape and design, just with a silver rather than black chrome cantilever finish.
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