Dining Benches

Dining areas, social spaces or a place to sit & work, dining benches are extremely versatile.

So, why a Dining Bench?

Social Space

Fit more people round the table for a bigger social space. Perfect for families where small kids can shuffle up together on a bench. A more casual look with a less formal style.

Built for Comfort

Zig Zag Springs and a high quality finish give all our dining benches a premium, comfortable seat. Use dining benches with a back to really sit down and relax.

Space Saving

For a streamlined look that’s easy to tuck under a dining table, backless benches are great way to make space when not being used as a seat.

Our Popular Styles


Premium faux leather and slim stainless steel tapered legs gives this high quality dining bench it's sleek good looks.
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A modern velvet corner bench with seamless metal legs have been teamed with a panel detailed backrest and upholstered in a rich, grey velvet.
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Our Loop dining benches provide style, practicality and comfort. With medium seat padding and soft faux leather covering, these benches are a really comfortable space to sit and instantly bring a modern elegance to your room.
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"Customers are always amazed at how a dining bench transforms their space - they love sharing their images, it's a real before and after 'wow factor' moment.' "

Francesca - Danetti Product Designer

Danetti Customer Homes