Dining Benches: Finding The Perfect Design

Why Choose A Dining Bench?

Comfortable, spacious and flexible - the smart dining seating choice

A dining bench is a simple but really effective way to update your dining space. Whether you have a formal dining area or a casual kitchen-diner, a dining bench is a smart choice. So, let us take you through the different shapes and styles of a kitchen bench, the measurements you really shouldn’t miss and the matching dining tables that will create a stunning dining bench look in your home.
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Dining benches are more economical; the cost of dining chairs can really add up. A dining bench will allow you to seat just as many guests, if not more, all on one cosy seat.

Danetti Dining Bench Tip #1

Simple & Elegant Style

Bringing comfort to the dining room, with the Danetti Difference

Plush Velvet

The velvet upholstery used is a short pile polyester, soft sheen velvet with the matt appearance of cotton velvet. This means you get the soft look and texture of velvet without an overly sheeny appearance.

Quality Leathers

Upholstered in our hard-wearing, deep grain faux leather. We use a premium quality material that mimics the supple feel of real leather. It's a durable material that will stand up to regular cleaning. Easy to maintain, it's an ideal material choice.

Subtle Touches

From angled, solid wooden legs to stainless steel statements, our dining benches have a variety of leg accent finishes to coordinate with brass, aluminium or dark wood accessories in your home.

Perfect Pairings

One of the many great things about a dining bench is that it can be styled alongside a variety of dining tables and seating options. Whether you choose to tie your set together by shape, colour or size, you’ll be able to find a perfect pairing for your space.

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Is A Backrest Best?

Clean-lined and simple, a straight back bench offers more support as you can lean back when you are seated. Benches with a back create more of a visual impact in a room, which is great if you’ve got the space and are really looking to add a style statement in your dining interior. A dining bench with a back also allows you to squeeze on a couple more, even if seating does become more snug!
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...Or Is Backless Better?

Backless dining benches are great for opening-up your dining space as, without a back, they have less of a visual impact in the room. They’re also great space savers too; if you select a bench size that’s smaller than the inside leg length of your table, you can neatly tuck the bench away when it’s not in use. Backless benches are also that bit lighter and easy to move.
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