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Our TV stands are stylish and modern yet completely functional, available in a wide range of finishes to blend and tone with the rest of your living room furniture. So whether you are looking for a TV unit in modern White Gloss, contemporary Glass, trendy White Oak or rich dark Wenge wood, we have something to suit.

Good to know: TV stands have evolved from being a purely practical element in a home to being an integral part of styling your living room. Most furniture companies include a tv unit as standard in part of the collection so that it can co-ordinate the room fully. TV units come in a variety of different shapes, styles and sizes so choose carefully - something that suits your room and fits in with the existing scheme.

Decide on what you will use the TV stand for. Does it need to house more than just the TV? Maybe your skybox? DVD’s? Or maybe you have a gaming consol and games that need to be stowed away? So before you start looking work out exactly how big you want your stand to be. Does your TV stand need to be mobile? It is possible to find some TV stands with castors making them easy to move around the room or even from room to room.

Stylist Tip: Height is also important, when watching TV the sight line should be the centre of the TV and the same height as the seating. So, if you have low level sofa’s the TV should be positioned on a low stand and if the room has higher seating then a higher TV stand would be needed. 

Did you know: There are 5 major types of TV stand to choose from:

Wood TV units: Come in a variety of sizes, shapes and quality and you should usually be able to find a wood to match other wooden furniture in your room. A wooden TV unit will usually look solid and attractive and should match the rest of your rooms scheme. If you are looking for a wood look finish then consider a wood veneer finish TV unit.

Metal & Glass Stands: This type of TV unit will always look contemporary and is a good choice for those of you looking for something a little more space saving too as with it’s reflective qualities it will appear much lighter than the more solid wooden units. 

Hutches: These are specifically designed for ‘hiding’ the TV area so that the screen and electrical equipment is hidden away from view. So, ideal for people who are looking for a clear spaces and not wanting to make the TV the focal point in the room. Although they can be bought this style is often more of a bespoke product, made specifically for a room etc. 

Platforms: For a more minimalist look, a platform might be the answer. These usually feature upright shelves and no sides, back or doors, most commonly made from metal and glass. 

Corner Stands: Ideal for small spaces or rooms with a slightly awkward shape. Specifically designed to fit into corner of a room against both walls creating the best option for using the space in the room. Corner units are available in a variety of styles and finishes.