Grey Gloss Furniture

Grey Gloss is our newest colour arrival for 2015, This collection is dedicated to the grey colour trend and is a soft warm tone that will enhance most interiors and provides the perfect alternative to one of our other best sellers, white gloss. Following the latest colour trends, we decided to give grey gloss a dedicated place in our range as it has become such a popular colour choice and teamed with a gloss finish, it couldn't be more perfect! If you are not sure about Grey as a colour option for your home, think again! It is a calming and versatile colour and is being used more and more throughout homes in all sorts of ways. So, if you don't want to paint your entire room grey, why not just introduce the colour through furniture - which you may find easier to live with.

Whilst grey has been heralded as the 'must have' colour for your home, don't forget that there are many tones of grey and it is important to choose the right shade for your surroundings. We have chosen fairly light colours as we believe that subtlety is the key. We have pieces available in a softer Dove Grey and some in a slightly darker Grey gloss but whichever one you choose can be balanced with other colours and products in the room. In many cases it could be that the grey gloss is a warmer option than white gloss which is really stunning but in some situations could look a bit sterile or stark if not used in the right setting.