Black Chrome Collection

Black Chrome is such a rich, opulent finish as its dark luxe looks and smooth appearance makes it an effortless way to add a really defined look and elegant feel throughout your home. We’ve taken some of our favourite and most popular products and given them the dark luxe spin, showcasing just how versatile Black Chrome can be.

Good To Know: Despite its darker appearance, black chrome is just as shiny as regular chrome, the difference being the darker colour makes it less bright. This means you can style black chrome alongside regular chrome and even matt finishes as it shares qualities with both materials that will help tie the whole look together. Black Chrome is an ideal alternative to having a silver chrome finish as you get a gentle reflection of light in your space alongside a rich dark colouring. However, black and silver chrome are also a great combination as it’s a simple but effective way to break up a scheme and stop it looking too bright or overly shiny.

Stylist’s Tip: Having a Black Chrome finish in your home will instantly create a high contrast when placed alongside brighter materials such as gloss or light coloured leathers. This is the styling option to go for if you want to create a really bold and impactful look. If you’re after something just as sleek but a little more subtle, style your Black Chrome with darker finishes as this will create a smoother, more cohesive look.