Top Interior Trends 2024

Top Interior Trends 2024

2024 will be the year of Nostalgia. We are starting to see a big shift in the way we furnish and decorate our homes with inspiration being taken from the past. Interior trends such as ‘historic homes’ and the ‘Hellenistic revival’ will take centre stage with the focus on mixing modern with antique. After a few cyclic years of subtle beige interiors, there is a real movement happening for spaces to feel like a retreat for self-expression and create very personalised spaces with an eclectic feel.

So what are the key trends that can help to build these personal sanctuaries of our homes?


The colour palette for interiors has been warming up over the last few years as we have moved away from the minimalistic whites and greys and moved into a much warmer, deeper array of colour. Brown is they key colour for 2024 with tones like chocolate, caramel and biscuit being a great base for layering on accent colours like terracotta and ochre to really layer on the warmth.


The art of layering and adding depth will be really key to achieving a space that feels inviting. Texture that is present in nature makes a great addition to an interior as it helps to bring nature into our homes and improve our health and wellbeing. Natural materials like detailed wooden surfaces or highly veined marbles add texture and tactility, creating what feels like a really considered space that invigorates the senses.


Curved organic forms and shapes have been big over the last few seasons with curved sofas and cloud like furniture popping up left, right and centre.

This trend will continue into 2024, but with a focus on utilising more tailored curves and less free form shapes, taking inspiration from iconic design silhouettes that spark feelings of reassurance and nostalgia.

This is part of the trend for ‘considered luxury’ or ‘quiet luxury’. The considered luxury trend is about creating spaces with a ‘less is more’ approach, focusing on key statement investment pieces that create a focal point in the room. It’s also about being more sustainable in our choices by investing in higher quality furniture that’s built to last, moving away from the ‘fast furniture’ trend.


In terms of materials, we will continue to see a growing use of fabrics with heavier textures like boucle, but with new colours being used like brown, green and even black. We are still seeing the use of mixed metals going into 2024 like brushed brass and polished nickel, however, we are starting to see the use of warmer metals with a lightly burnished finish. This helps to add that extra element of texture and interest to a space, which can also be achieved by layering in things like dark stained wood, mood lighting and natural materials with lots of texture.

Use of home

And finally, the most interesting trend for me for 2024 will be the way in which we use our homes and how we design our spaces to reflect this. Following the pandemic, we continue to seek sanctuary in our homes, making space for reflection and relaxation. To do this, we are seeing living rooms and open living spaces create focus on family, moving technology out and moving furniture around to make conversation the focal point of the space.

Additionally, more people are requiring their homes to be agile and adaptable as we see this shift in how we use our space. More people are working from home with hybrid roles becoming more the norm. To adapt to this, we are seeing concepts such as ‘lighting to go’, hidden technology and adaptable storage cropping up to meet those needs.

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