Danetti Mattress Disposal Service

Danetti Mattress Disposal Service

If you have ever bought a new mattress and have proceeded to wonder what to do with your old one - then our mattress disposal service is ideal for you. For £29.99, you can say goodbye to your old mattress and hello to your new one, as we deliver and collect all at the same time. Once your old mattress is collected from you, it is then deconstructed for it's materials to be re-used, preventing the need for landfill. 

How does our mattress disposal service work?

When you are ordering your new mattress, simply tick the mattress disposal option. This will then be added to your basket for a charge of £29.99. Continue through checkout as you normally would, and select a delivery date. When your new mattress is delivered, your old one will be taken away all in the same day.

What's included:

  • Removal of any old mattress - It doesn't matter if your previous mattress is single, double, king size, or super king, we can take away any old mattress for you.
  • Recycling - With the help of the Furniture Recycling Group any mattress collected is broken down and all the components such as springs, cotton and wool stuffing are reused, preventing the need for landfill. 

Before we arrive:

  • Please strip mattress of any linen - we will only collect your old mattress, not any other items.
  • Please ensure easy access to your mattress - move aside any other furniture pieces so we can easily access and manoeuvre your old mattress, or better yet, leave it close to your front door. 
  • Please make sure items for collection are reasonably hygienic - we can refuse to collect old mattresses if they are not in a reasonable condition.

Ready to shop for a new mattress, with fuss free disposal service? Explore mattress now. 

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