What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About You?

The colours you choose to wear and have in your living space say a lot about your personality and outlook on life.  Fashion may also have an impact on what shade of a colour you choose, however, most of us will unwittingly veer towards our favourite basic colours as we feel most comfortable with these around us.

Black may be perceived by some as high fashion and by others as depressing and morose.  However, people who choose black as their colour of choice are often creative and sensitive.  Black can also be a ‘safe’ or classic colour – think about those favourite black trousers or LBD (little black dress) that we all own!

White is pure and tranquil and provides the perfect blank canvas for accent colours and statement pieces.  People who choose white are often logical thinkers, well organised and dislike clutter and disorder in their lives.


Red is a colour loved by people who like to stand out and used in their homes to create a highlight in a particular area.  Lovers of red are often spontaneous, passionate and gregarious, but they are also tenacious and determined in all they do.


Blue is chosen by laid-back and easy-going types.  Blue in the home gives a feeling of tranquillity, peace and harmony.  People who like blue are generally tidy and enjoy stability in their lives.


Green is often chosen by people who are affectionate and dependable but speak their minds.  Green can be both invigorating and soothing in the home, and depending on what shade of green you choose, it can be experimental, fresh and reminiscent of nature.


Yellow, the colour of sunshine and chosen by those with a sunny disposition.  People who like yellow enjoy learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others.  They are upbeat and happy go lucky types.  Yellow is a great colour for bathrooms and kitchens for a quick boost in the morning.


Purple signifies an artistic and creative nature.  However, this creativity can sometimes come across to others as arrogance.  Purple in the home is sexy, romantic and sometimes moody, depending on the shade.

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