Walnut Finishes: The Hottest Look for Cosy, Autumnal Interiors

Walnut Finishes: The Hottest Look for Cosy, Autumnal Interiors
Welcoming walnut finishes into your home is a sure fire way to make it the cosiest place to be this winter. Walnut finishes instantly create such a warm, tactile and inviting feel throughout your space, not to mention adding a really premium look. So sit back, snuggle up and relax as we show you how to create a cosy autumnal vibe throughout your home.


Why Walnut?

Walnut is a medium-brown finish that’s not too light or dark, yet its yellow undertones place it within a warmer colour group along with finishes such as mahogany or cherry.  What sets walnut apart is that it’s incredibly versatile when it comes to styling with other colours and finishes. You can easily style walnut with light or dark paint colours and furniture pieces, depending on whether you’re after a bright or cosier look.



Styling walnut with green, grey and blue shades will keep the look connected, while lighter colours will create a stronger contrast and really make your walnut furniture stand out.


Walnut Finishes: The Winter Warmer

There are so many ways to introduce this tactile finish to your home. So whether you’re looking to create a cosy living area or inviting dining space, there is sure to be a walnut piece to suit your needs. However, that’s not to say you need walnut finishes in every aspect of your space. Coordination and combinations are key…


Accentuate the Look: Walnut and Black Chrome

Two finishes that are a match made in heaven are walnut and black chrome. A subtler take on a regular chrome finish, black chrome further accentuates the dark luxe qualities that a walnut finish has, while also introducing a modern flair and shine. A combination of black chrome and walnut is also an easier way to introduce a black chrome finish to your space as the two materials work so seamlessly well together.


Top Tip: a fabric sofa will keep your walnut finishes looking even cosier. To keep the look light but coordinated, opt for a lighter colour fabric. 


Studio 2 Seater Fabric Sofa styled alongside the Acute walnut square coffee table and side table.
Studio 2 Seater Fabric Sofa styled alongside the Acute walnut square coffee
table and side table.

Our Acute range, which includes a side table, square coffee table and large coffee table, is a simple but really effective way to introduce this winter warmer look to your living space. With a combination of such deluxe finishes, you can really have some fun with your styling. Take the Acute console table, for example. To create this moody yet cosy look, add a candle and some dark accessories.


If you’re looking for a little more contrast, opt for regular chrome. This can be done with walnut and chrome mixed material piece like the Curva dining table. Here we’ve gone for the coordinating Curva chairs in black but if you want to lighten the look, go for a lighter colour such as white.


Complement the Look: Walnut and Brushed Metal

If you’re after a slightly less shiny surface to chrome, brushed metal is about to become your new best friend! This sleek material finish has a much gentler shine than chrome. This, combined with the warm tones of the walnut, really helps to create a smooth and cohesive look. Another great thing about brushed metal is that you can introduce this as part of your walnut furniture, such as the legs of the Halo coffee table. Alternatively, you can coordinate your walnut pieces with other brushed metal elements in your space, from dining tables and chairs to your sofa feet and curtain rails.


Halo Walnut Coffee Table
Place a rung under the Halo Walnut Coffee Table for an added look and
of warmth and texture.


Coordinate the Look: Walnut and Leather

A great way to create a really cosy feel is to combine your walnut finishes with smooth leather pieces. The variation of textures will again break up the look but if you opt for cooler shades like stone or charcoal grey, the colours and textures will seamlessly blend together.


To achieve this look, you can opt for a smaller piece that combines the finishes, such as the Duo Walnut Side Table and Graphite Grey Stool Set. If you’re looking to create a real style statement in your space, go for something larger like the Assi Walnut Extending and Deco Dining Set. If you’re looking to carry a walnut theme throughout your home, opt for both!


Lighten the Look: Walnut and Glass or Gloss

Styling your walnut finishes with a glass or glossy surface will keep your room feeling rich and tactile but will help to lighten the overall look. The contrast of finishes will break up the scheme while also stopping your interior looking too dark. This might be a factor to consider if you already have a lot of darker finishes and want to introduce walnut into your space.


You can achieve this look by choosing a piece that is a mix of materials, such as the Assi White Gloss and Walnut Sideboard, or choose a glass item that will complement your interior while not being too visually impactful, like the Ripple Glass and Gold Coffee Table.

So there you have it, a whole variety of ways to introduce walnut in your home. Have we inspired you to create this winter warmer look in your home? Let us know in the comments! And for even more inspiration on how to style this on-trend finish in your home, be sure to take a look at our walnut Pinterest board which is packed full of design ideas. 


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Published Date: December 2017 

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