Use contemporary furniture to create a games room

As the first generation of people who spent their formative years playing computer games are reaching their thirties, and owning homes of their own, we’re seeing a growing trend for games rooms.

It’s a great social phenomenon – a whole room devoted to comfortable, casual seating, a huge TV and the latest consoles like Wii and Playstation 3. It means that you can have your friends around for dance mat contest, or turn the room into a home cinema for the night.

Having a home games room can be a great money-saver as there’s no need to go out to expensive bars and restaurants to get together with your friends – they’ll be flocking to your house every weekend.

Plus, if you have children, then they’ll love this space (so much so that you may have trouble getting them out!)

Feeling inspired? If you fancy setting up your own games room at home, we have most of the things you need here at Danetti, see below for a selection of our stool seating and TV units. All you need to buy now is that giant TV.

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