Ultra Modern Designer Bar Stools

Planning will pay off:

With so many modern bar stools on offer you are going to be absolutely spoilt for choice as to which one to get and that’s why it is a good idea to form an idea in you head of what you are after before you start browsing. Think about the amount of space you have available and maybe measure it, think about your budget and also what you will be using your new stool for. What interior style are you aiming for?

Perhaps contemplate the colour scheme in the room you are going to put your modern bar stools in. Are you going to go for the coordinated matching accessory look, or do you want a mismatched, slightly oddball effect?

One of the hot styles in all the interior magazines at the moment is based on placing brightly coloured furniture in plain surroundings. This means that the furniture becomes a colourful focal point of the room and grabs the attention of curious eyes. The Mirage bar stool is a great example of a bold statement peice that will do exactly that for any room.

The different types of Modern bar stools:

It is also probably a good idea to think about what kind of stool you would like. There are various models of stool available but most people are not familiar with the language and terminology of stools!

Would you like something like a fixed stool, which is non-adjustable and is a simple set height and angle, or would you prefer the versatility and flexibility of a gas lift stool, which allows you to move the stool up and down in varying increments?

Design Vs Functionality:

Whilst beautiful objects will always be pleasing to the eye most people find that when it comes to modern bar stools they have to reach a compromise between what looks aesthetically good and what will be most efficient. Luckily Danetti.com has made that compromise for you so you will only find stools that are both functional and stylish, not one or the other, as the two needn’t be mutually exclusive.

If you can’t resist the clean lines and fluid curves of designer furniture then you won’t be disappointed by our wide selection of wood, leather and chrome stools . Have a look at the architectural, linear beauty of the Orla Bar Stool which is available in 14 different colours. Also check out the delicious Elma Bar Stool, with its curvy form its about as sexy as modern bar stools get.

The issue of functionality seems to be particularly important to people who have children and are purchasing designer furniture for their home, which is perfectly understandable. Kids can be messy and you don’t want finger paint or mud all over a surface that you can’t clean. In this case, its wise to go for a stool like the Grayson Bar Stool which is resilient and hard wearing plus it is easy to clean.

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