Trend Watch: Modern Country House Glamour

We’ve all been flicking through the pages of House Beautiful and 25 Beautiful Homes,  wishing we could recreate that same Country House Glamour in our own homes. Those perfectly styled images look like they have taken years to cultivate all the bits and bobs. However, you too can bring this look to your home by following a few simple steps.


Cleo 6 Seater Dining Table with Finn Dining Chairs


The key to Country House Glamour is getting the textures and shapes right. Once you have these in place you can embellish the look with whatever artwork and props you see fit. But it’s best to start with the basics- your furniture!


Oak Bar Stools


Country Kitchen Style


If you want to bring a country look to your home, the easiest place to start would be your kitchen. Simply add hardwood furniture with a modern twist!


Cleo 4 Seater Pedestal Dining Table


Our Cleo range comes in either a 4 seater pedestal dining table, or a 6 seater rectangular table. Both have a modern country style turned base, which exudes country glamour, whilst the wood grain on the table top brings that modern edge.



Once your dining table is in place, you have endless seating options! Either mix and match vintage chairs you’ve collected over the years from junk shops and boot fairs, or stick to one, modern style. We love the Santo stackable dining chair for a glamorous look. The smooth white faux leather will balance the wood grain and create a really stylised look.


Cleo Powder Blue 6 Seater Dining Table with Finn Chairs


Alternatively, pair the Finn dining chairs with the blue base of the 6 seater Cleo for a fun, colour country style.


Country Hallway Style


The entryway is the first part of our homes visitor see, so if you’re looking for that country vibe, be sure you bring this style into your hallway. Choose a console table with a wood grain effect, paired with glass to keep that modern twist. The Calanna is a great option for your hallway as it is minimal enough to sit in any space, whilst the wood grain of the top brings that country charm.


Calanna White Oak and Glass Console Table


Style with a textured rug, a quirky hat stand and your favourite painting in a vintage frame to keep the country feel. Choose muted sage and cream colours to play on the calming country look.


Country Living Style


Finally, to top off your new Country home let’s take a look at our living rooms. Tweeds, velvets and wools are your classic country textures, however, for that modern, glamorous feel, play with leathers and smooth textures.


Ellis 3 Seater Leather Sofa


It’s important to keep an element of country homes with the use of wooden coffee tables and side tables. Keep the quilting detail on sofas, such as our Ellis sofa, and add plaid blankets to keep things cosy.


Halo Walnut Coffee Table


So, have we convinced you to introduce a country glamour style into your home? If so, don’t forget to tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram!

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