Tips for creating an efficient home office

If you work from home or just want the kids to have a space to do their homework, creating a home office can be a great idea. We show you the furniture buys that will allow you to do it in style!

Whether you have just a small space in which to set up your home office – under the stairs, or in the corner of the living room, perhaps – or whether you’ve got a whole room or a garden office to furnish, Danetti has some great products to help you make the most of it.

1. The Zap gas lift office chair is one of the best investments you can make for your home office. The chair that you sit in all day long can make a great different to your comfort, and your longer term health. If you’ve got a suitable place to sit then you’re more likely to feel ready to work, and also more likely to sit down longer rather than finding excuses to get up. The Zap gas lift chair has a height-adjustable seat and arm rests, plus a deeply padded seat and even a head rest!

2. The Saya desk is often purchased as a dining table as well a s a desk – it’s that kind of flexibility that you should have in mind when choosing your home office furniture. The Saya is extendible so is really useful if you have a couple of people needing to use the desk at the same time, or for when you have lots of guests for dinner! Added to this, the glass top is really elegant and will not clutter your home office up visually.

3. The Previl desk chair is a less elaborate desk chair – perhaps best for creating a home office in a little spare space such as under the stairs or in the corner of the living room or bedroom. This chair is great for using with any table to create an instant working area and the height-adjustable arms, seat and back mean you can make it fit any person and any table height.

4. The Santino square gloss cabinet is one very classy piece of furniture. It’s perfect for having a bank of storage along the one wall of your home office, or if you don’t have a dedicated room, it would also look amazing in any living room or dining room. You could even just use part of it for paperwork and office storage, and keep some storage space free for crockery, DVDs or whatever tends to clutter your home!

5. The Walther multiform table is one of our niftiest items. It’s a coffee table, it’s a desk, it’s a dining table… it’s SO useful. Position it in your living room and it’s great for mugs of tea when friends come over, but as soon as you need to go into work mode, you can simply bring up the one half of it and hey presto – the perfect surface for your laptop!


  • Turn your home office into the kind of room where you want to spend time – create a good ambience with easy chairs, pictures, candles and a bookshelf so you won’t mind staying in there all day if you need to.
  • Make an effort to keep your desk and office clear of junk and have regular clearouts, even if you’re not naturally tidy.
  • Get a good desk light to prevent eye-strain and make the room seem more inviting.
  • If possible position your working space or office away from the road or other rooms in the house which get used frequently.
  • Make storage a priority – sensible shelving and cupboards that will house box files – along with a desk that is fit for purpose and a comfortable chair.
  • Ask an electrician to add extra sockets if needed, so that you can put the desk where you want and not be ruled by where the plugs are.

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