This season’s new interiors neutrals

If you’re looking to keep your home fairly neutral and then add just a few accents of colour then basic white and cream are not your only options…

Clay and earth tones are great for giving  a natural, organic look – they’re great for mixing with greens and reds as there are colours found in abundance in nature as well. The overall look will help you bring the outdoors in a little.

Soft off-whites create feelings of light, warmth and serenity and can be just as effective in modern and period properties. Remember that often even something that seems as neutral as white can have a hint of blue or red, which can change the character of the colour altogether.

Grey is a very modern looking neutral and is especially good if used instead of white when you’re creating a monochrome look. Bare black and white can start to look too stark and it’s a bit of a dated look, but if you bring in elephant grey, or stone grey, then you have a very sophisticated scheme.

It’s easiest to think of neutrals as falling into two families – the warm neutrals such as brown, tan and beige, and the cool neutrals like white, silver and grey. Cool neutrals are perfect for creating pretty yet contemporary looks and work well in kitchens and living rooms. Warm neutrals are more flexible and work well in any space particularly where warmth and relaxation is desired.

We hope that helps!

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