The Right Colour for Your Leather Bar Stool

When it comes to choosing the right colour leather bar stool for your home, a strong factor in the decision will be the environment you put these leather stools in to. Nowadays there are a whole host of leather colours and options available to the consumer, not to mention the different types of leathers on the market. Take a look at we have to offer to help you make an informed choice which will last for years to come.

Monochrome Leather Bar Stools

These would be Black, Grey (light or dark) and White leather. Whether it is in faux leather, regenerated leather or genuine leather, these are the most popular choices. For more on the difference between each different leather check out this post. This is because subtlety of them they will suit practically any environment.

Grey leather is the most popular choice because it is so convenient for a kitchen or home as marks will not show up so readily. White leather will require more care and maintenance, but if looked after well and any spillages mopped up with a warm, damp cloth, you should be able to keep your white bar stools fresher for longer.

If you have a cream coloured kitchen maybe avoid white leather bar stool, as these two colours will clash and create an unsightly combination. The same goes for brown leather bar stools in a black kitchen- if you wouldn’t wear the colours together, don’t pair them in your homes.


On a side note- a black leather bar stool in a dark wood is absolutely fine, in fact, it’s a beautiful, moody colour combination with a real designer edge.

Colourful Leather Bar Stools

If you want to create more of a statement with your barstools, take a look at a brightly coloured leather bar stool. Whether you’re coordinating your barstools to your colourful kitchen, or want to add a pop to a minimal home, colour leather bar stools are a great addition.


Our Form Bar Stool range comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Most popular of all our form Barstools is the rich teal colour. From Gas lift to backless, stainless steel to black chrome, you’re sure to find the right look to suit your interior style.


If teal doesn’t suit your interiors, that’s not a problem! We have a whole range of bright barstools which will! Newest to the Danetti Family are the Finn barstools. As these are made from a hardwearing plastic, they are great for busy family life. As these are a moulded plastic, they are much easier to care for than a leather bar stool.

Leather bar stools at Danetti

We have a wide range of leather stools available to buy online. If you are looking for a traditional black leather stool or some funky purple number, then please take a look at the wide range of leather bar stools on offer.

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