The Gloss Goss – 7 Top Tips for looking after your Gloss Table…

The Gloss Goss – 7 Top Tips for looking after your Gloss Table…

Modern gloss dining tables So, imagine this…you’ve just taken delivery of your new Danetti dining set – the brand spanking new High Gloss table looks box fresh and it’s reflective surface has got you literally drooling! Well, before you dribble all over your lovely new table, I thought I would answer some frequently asked questions and give you advice on how to keep it looking it’s best…

Practical but gorgeous table protectors

Should I use furniture polish to buff my gloss surface?
Actually, there is no need to use any thing other than water and sometimes a very mild detertgent with an e-cloth. Silicone based cleaners will leave a greasy film over the surface which will be almost impossible to remove. Don’t bother to use glass cleaners either…they are corrosive and will damage the tabletop. All you need to do is simply give it a very light wipe with an e-cloth…on this occasion –less really is more!

My table has a funny mark on it – I was thinking of using a very soft linen cloth to sort of rub it off…will that be okay?
Only if you’re on a mission to rid your table of it’s lovely blemish free smooth gloss surface! You really only need to use a microfibre cloth or an e-cloth – promise!

My son often does his homework at the table – but it’s usually only pencil work – they can’t score the surface of the table – can they?
Well never say never…I would say to always protect your table with a table protector when it’s being used for other purposes to reduce the risk of indentation and scoring the surface with sharp objects..

What can I do if my table gets chipped – should I just use something like white paint or tippex to cover it up? 
It’s unlikely that will happen – it takes quite a lot of strength and determination to chip our tables, so hopefully this isn’t something you need to ever worry about. I have heard on the gloss grapevine that some people have had certain success with a white gloss chip/scratch car paint repair pen…apparently it needs a very light touch – but we don’t recommend any specific product.

Sticky pad protects gloss tableAt mealtimes, I sometimes use oven to table ware – is my High Gloss table heat resistant?
Well, like most table tops, hot items should always be placed on a trivet or heat proof mat otherwise you can scorch your table and cause irreparable damage. There are some lovely trivets and chopping boards around that will protect your table whilst adding character to your dining setting.

My toddler spilt some of his drink at lunchtime – but it’s only water so it’s okay to leave it till I clear away the dishes isn’t it? It’s only a small amount?
Ummm….well even though it’s only water, it’s best to wipe it up immediately with an absorbent microfibre cloth. Infact, it’s best to avoid anything drying on the surface or you will be left with water streaks, but these can be buffed away with an e-cloth but it’s safer to just act quickly!

Can I put my plates, glasses and vases directly onto the table top?
Yes you can, but remember this is a high gloss product and whilst it is durable and hard wearing, to protect the paint finish and help it keep it’s good looks longer, we would always recommend using placemats and coasters.

Coasters to protect table Do I need to invest in specialist cleaning products…and where do I get them from?
High Gloss maintenance is easy peasy and requires little more than common sense so panic not! Check out my checklist below:

What you need:
A feather duster
Pack of soft microfibre cloths
Spray bottle filled with clean water and very mild detergent,
Glass and polishing e-cloth

When to use them:
Daily basis: remove surface dust with a quick dust
Messy days: Buff away fingers prints with an e-cloth and a little spray of water if necessary (onto the cloth not the table) then buff dry with a soft, dry cloth.
Action stations: For liquid spills, wipe up immediately – if it’s a sticky spill use clean water and a very mild detergent and wipe with an e-cloth – never leave water to air dry.

THE BIG NO-NO!: Don’t use chemical based cleaners – just pure water and an e-cloth

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