The Danetti guide to buying a bar stool


There’s a huge amount of variation in style and quality when it comes to bar stools. Daniel Smith, owner of Danetti, says the first thing you need to consider is the height of the stool you are buying: “There are two standard heighs of counter – 900ml and 1100ml, and if you buy the wrong heightstool for your counter, then you won’t be sitting comfortably!”

A great option is to go for a gas lift stool so the height is adjustable, meaning the stool can be used in different locations in your home or business. If you’re buying a bar stool for your home, or for a cafe where there are likely to be children around, then safety has to be a primary concern: “Bar stools are not advised for children,” says Daniel, “but if you are concerned that children may try to use them, then it is best to opt for either a fixed base bar stool that can actually be attached to the ground, or to get ones that have very heavy bases so they do not easily topple over.”

In terms of quality, Daniel says that good bar stools should have hard-wearing rubber or felt pads on the bottoms of the legs to protect your flooring. And if you want your stool to last, then either leather or faux leather will withstand spills and will be easy to wipe down. A strong plastic material will also stand the test of time very well.


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