The Colour That Everyone is Talking About…

The Colour That Everyone is Talking About…
Classic Blue Moodboard
Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

‘Classic Blue’ has been named Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2020. Pantone have described it as ‘a timeless and enduring colour that’s simple in its elegance’, however some have said that Pantone’s choice of colour for 2020 is a tad boring compared to recent years with last years bold ‘Living Coral’. Do you agree? If you dig a little bit deeper into the meaning behind the colour, it starts to make sense – the more we look, the more we love it! Inspired by the ever increasing stress in the modern world and the rise in people with anxiety, classic blue is a colour that evokes a sense of calm, wellbeing, and creates a restful sanctuary within your home. Blue has been popping up everywhere across interiors, fashion and textiles in various hues.


So how can you use Classic blue in your home?

This hue works particularly well in velvet, set against geometric prints and accents of brass and you’re well on your way to creating a ‘maximalist’ look for your living space, perfectly on trend for 2020 and beyond!

Classic Blue Velvet Sofa Moodboard interior ideas
Works perfectly with geo prints, bold shapes and brass accents.

Get the Look:

A similar palette for dining creates a moody yet elegant dining set up. Whichever way you look at it, this look is bang on trend and will definitely impress those future dinner guests! It shouts indulgence, with luxe finishes and fabrics and adds a sense of glamour to a seriously grown up dine setting, which makes me think of the Danish concept of ‘Umage’. Yes you heard me right, Danish! This look can be classed as Scandinavian, Let me explain…

The word ‘Umage’ actually means ‘to make a little bit more effort’, so recently we have seen the Scandinavian interiors move away from the overly white and minimalist look to a more elegant and indulgent feel. the darker moody colours create a cocooning and inviting feel which gives us that cozy ‘hygge’ feel of the more typical Scandinavian interiors.

So if you’re feeling like you need a little more “Umage’ in your life you can get the look here: Clover dining chair £169, mellow backless bench £309, Mellow bench with back £449 Zilo dining table £129, Alma floor lamp £39.

Classic Blue Dining Set in Dark Blue Velvet
Coordinating pieces in the same colour – Our Zilo, Mellow and Clover Set

Sometimes ‘trend colours’ can be hard to use – maybe too bold and not colours that we’d want to commit to seeing day in – day out. Pantone’s Classic Blue marks the change; blue kitchens in various hues work on any scale, whether you have a space conscious new build or a larger open plan space. Cool-hued blue is ideal for mixing with grey – this blue kitchen is the perfect backdrop for our New grey velvet Clover Barstools and Harper Chairs.

Classic Blue Open Plan Kitchen
The Aria and Harper Set – Grey Velvet is the ideal coord for an on-trend dark blue kitchen

Moving upstairs into the bedroom….

A statement headboard in a statement blue, is well.. a statement! And why shouldn’t it be? Art deco is fast becoming a favourite in our homes and we are seeing more and more nods to this elegant yet statement trend.

Pantone Colour Harmonues: Desert Twighlight

For this look we worked with one of Pantones series of colour harmonies. ‘Desert twilight’ contrasts the statement classic blue colour with warm earthy tones of pink like muted clay and terracotta. The earthy tones of pink and touches of brass pair perfectly with classic blue to create a really soft, relaxing and harmonised look.

Classic Blue Velvet Art Deco Style Bed
Rene Bed in Midnight Classic Blue

Have a look at our Classic Blue Collection; easy ways to interpret the trend and updates from as little as £29. Shop the collection here

If you decide to recreate any of these looks then you can send in your images to our Instagram and not only will we share our favourites but you may be in with a chance to win a Danetti gift voucher!

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