5 Need to Know Tips to Create Space in a Small Home

5 Need to Know Tips to Create Space in a Small Home

As homes get smaller and storage space gets converted into living space, it can be a challenge to keep our homes looking clean and tidy. When it comes to maximising space in a small home, there are many clever storage ideas which are easier than you think to put into place.


how to maximise space in a small home

Assi Grey and White Gloss Compact Sideboard


The key is to choose high-density storage and multi-functional furniture to get the most out of your small space. Our Stylist shows you 6 of the best storage ideas for compact living. Learn how you can clear the clutter and create an open and spacious small home. Use this as your shopping list for a bright, open and multi-functional home.


1. Multi-functional Furniture

It’s no secret that our homes, regardless of size, require a lot of furniture to live comfortably. But what if we could combine furniture to become more compact and take up less space in our homes? We have a wide range of must-have pieces which do exactly that:


Duo Sidetable

This modern side table is a clever way to combine a footstool and side table, all in one. When needed, the padded stool can be separated from the table, allowing you to put your feet up after a long day.


Duo Side table

Duo Side Table in White / Grey


Or if you’re entertaining you have an extra seat for extra guests, however, if not needed, it slides neatly under the side table taking up less space. As a result, making your small home feel larger and more open and eliminating any extra trip hazards!


Duo Side Table

Duo Side Table in White / Grey


Metro Extending Dining Table

When entertaining in a compact home, seating all of your guests comfortably can be a challenge. The Metro Extending Dining Table is a compact 4 seater with a thin, space-saving frame, which can be extended not once, but twice to a healthy 8 seater dining table.


Metro Dining Table Unextended

Metro White Gloss Dining Table Unextended


The slim metal frame keeps the overall look and feel of this table light and open. What’s more, both extension leaves are kept in the table itself, meaning you don’t have to find any extra space for storage.

When it comes to buying an extending dining table, don’t forget to check where the extension leaves will be stored. If they do not stay with the table, consider where else these can be kept, such as under a bed or sofa. But in those smaller properties- internal storage is the best option!


Metro Dining Table Fully Extended

Metro White Gloss Extending Dining Table Fully Extended


Pair with a streamlined stackable dining chair, such as our Tori dining chair, to easily store any extra seats when not needed. Stackable dining chairs will have a much smaller footprint to store, and give you a significantly higher level of comfort than foldable dining chairs!


Tori Dining Chair

Tori Stackable Dining Chair in Cool Grey


2. Glass Furniture

One of the easiest things you can do when it comes to maximising space in a small home is to consider the finish of your furniture. You can create the illusion of space simply by choosing glass furniture. Glass furniture allows light to flow freely throughout your compact home, giving the appearance of a bigger space.


Zen White gloss and Glass 6 Seater Dining Table

Our Zen 6 Seater Glass Dining Table is the perfect solution for compact homes. With its tempered glass top and trestle style legs, the Zen creates a modern silhouette while allowing light to flow. Team up with the Luka White Oak Dining Chair for a slim, minimal look.


Glass and White Gloss Zen 6 Seater Dining Table

Zen Glass and White Gloss 6 Seater Dining Table


Tiva Coffee Table Set

To combine both Multi-functional furniture and Glass Furniture, choose the Tiva Coffee Table set for your compact home. As with the Zen, the glass top keeps your room open and light, while doubling up on extra surfaces.


Tiva Coffee Table Set

Tiva Coffee Table Set, Stacked


Stack the 2 tables together when tight on space, or separate for a matching glass coffee table and side table set.


Tiva Coffee Table Set

Tiva Coffee Table Set, Separated


3. Small Footprint

When it comes to dining furniture for small homes, the biggest thing to consider is the footprint of the furniture. A smaller footprint means it will take up less floor space, allowing you to add extra dining chairs or save floor space.


Anzio Gas Lift Barstool

Typically, a gas lift bar stool will have a slightly smaller footprint than a fixed height barstool. This is because a gas lift barstool has a central pedestal base, opposed to 4 legs on each corner.


Anzio Gas Lift Barstool

Anzio Gas Lift Barstool in White


The backless seat will also help you space feel more open, once again maximising the space you may or may not have.


Anzio Gas Lift Bar Stool Detail

Anzio Gaslift Barstool Seat Detail


4. Storage Solutions

Possibly the best way to maximise space in a small apartment or house is to invest in storage furniture. However, these pieces can be bulky and not the most attractive. We would recommend a compact sideboard. They are smaller than a regular sideboard, but still, offer plenty of storage to hide any unwanted clutter and give the illusion of space.


Assi Compact Sideboard

Choosing a high gloss sideboard, such as the Compact Assi and White and Grey Gloss, will reflect light around your home. This will help stop too many shadows and keep your small space bright and open.


Assi Compact Sideboard

Assi Compact Sideboard in Grey and White Gloss


Make the most of the handy drawers and cupboards for hiding those bits and bobs which can make smaller homes feel messy.


Assi Sideboard Cupboard Detail

Assi Compact Sideboard Storage


5. Stylist Secrets

Getting the right furniture in a small home can make a huge difference to your way of living. However, there are smaller changes you can make which will still help a small space feel bigger.


  • Layout- Spend time moving furniture to get the best possible layout for your home. Take a look at our Blog Post about open plan living for tips and tricks when it comes to zoning your home.


  • Colour- Using darker colours in small homes will not help make the space feel bigger. Use light colours both on walls and in soft furnishings to keep your small space bright.


  • Finish- As with the use of colour, darker wood finished can make compact homes feel smaller. Opt for White or Glass furniture and think about a high gloss finish. The reflective surface will bounce light around the room giving the illusion of a larger space.


  • Declutter- Small spaces can easily feel messy and crowded, so keep props to a minimum and stay on top of the loose papers! This is why pieces such as our compact sideboards are so handy!


  • Mirrors- It’s common knowledge that mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger space, so make the most of it! A well-placed mirror can change the shape and look of a room instantly. Place opposite a window for maximum effect.


  • Console Tables- For those smaller hallways or living rooms, Console tables are a great addition. They’re a practical extra surface for your favourite pictures and vases, but can easily be used as a compact desk or dressing table.


Calanna Console Table in Grey Oak

Calanna Console Table– add an extra, slim lined surface without blocking any light.


Show us your Small Home

So there you have it. Hopefully, you are now feeling inspired to make the most of your interiors with our top ways to save space in a small home. Got any tips which work for you? Tell us about it! And don’t forget to share your pictures with us by tagging us with #mydanetti across Instagram and Facebook!


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