The Coco A Frame Chair

The Coco A Frame Chair has a solid plastic finish with a shiny gloss effect that I think really stands out. The seat is wide and deep encouraging you to sit back in it. Because of the wide array of bright colours, I think the Coco lends itself to a wide variety of modern interiors and colour schemes.

The Coco A Frame Chair is fairly lightweight in comparison with a lot on the market, however the frame and legs are sturdy enough for commercial use. The legs are finished in a brushed chrome to remain simple and understated so that the real emphasis is on the seat and its variety of bright finishes.

The Coco would look fantastic in a reception/waiting area, a modern conservatory or in a bar/nightclub along with some low tables or modular pieces such as the Somen range.

The Coco is very easy to assemble with only the seat having to be attached to the legs. I found the instructions to be clear and precise making the construction very easy. Although the Coco is not upholstered it is eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable.

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