The best of British red, white and blue

There’s something in the air. It smells of freshly baked crumpets and roses, of roast dinners and lavender.

Can you guess what it is?

Yes, it’s good old-fashioned British patriotism.

The trend for all things British – from union jack themed interiors to quaint afternoon tea sets – is still going strong for 2011.

The key, as with any trend really, is not to be too obvious about it. It’s all about giving a nod to what’s current without making your home look tacky or over-the-top.

At Danetti, we’ve got the basic you need if you fancy introducing some Brit-chic red, white and blue to your home. From blue cube seating to red dining chairs, and white… well loads of our products are available in white.

The Block cube seating for example, comes in red, white and blue – meaning you could mix all three colours to create a fabulously stylish seating area. Our timelessly cool Esquire chairs and the gorgeous Brodi bar stools also come in all three colours, so you could mix and match around your dining table or breakfast bar!

If red, white and blue’s not your thing, then you can still embrace the British trend. Consider opting for an all-white room and then styling it up with patriotic touches like this amazing rug by Stamp Rugs, or simple framed advertising posters from the wartime era – with slogans like Make Do and Mend or Keep Calm and Carry On.

You can also take the Union Jack pattern and re-invent it. There are lots of cushions available with the union jack, like this lemon and grey one from John Lewis, which we think would pair up nicely with our Francis cream leather armchair for a look that’s straight out of the pages of an interiors mag.

What do you think of the Brit-chic trend? How will you be interpreting it?

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