Stainless Steel Furniture: Material Spotlight

Stainless Steel Furniture: Material Spotlight
Choosing the right finish for your home can be tricky. With so many styles and variations available, it can seem like a minefield trying to find one that ticks all of the right boxes. If you’re looking for a finish that’s durable, easy to clean and looks great too, then you just might be in luck. Introducing this week’s material spotlight, Stainless Steel.

What is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a metal alloy. It is made up of steel mixed with elements such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, aluminium, and carbon. It is both corrosive and stain resistant due to its waterproofing in the manufacturing process. This means the material does not need a further coating for protection as it’s inherently already protected. It’s anti-rust too.



How To Style Stainless Steel Furniture

The great thing about a stainless steel finish is that it has a wonderful shine, without being overly reflective. This makes the material ideal if you want to add a modern feel to your space without it becoming too overpowering. Because of this, stainless steel can be matched with a whole variety of finishes, from woods to velvet or faux leather.


Angola 4 Seater Modern Oak Dining Table


The stainless steel legs of the Angola 4 Seater Modern Oak Dining Table are a
sleek contrast to the smooth oak surface, making this table look even more tactile.



Because stainless steel is so versatile, you can really have some fun with your
colours and materials. Here we’ve chosen the Form Stainless Steel Bar Stool With Backrest in a bold teal against a trendy marble bar backdrop.


The stainless steel legs of the Mellow Velvet 3 Seater Bench with Backrest in Petrol Grey are again a nice contrast to the soft velvet upholstery.


The legs of the Mellow Velvet 3 Seater Bench with Backrest in Petrol Grey are
again a nice contrast to the soft velvet upholstery.

Chrome vs Stainless Steel

Because Chrome is a polished finish, it’s reflective and very shiny. Commonly used for furniture finishes, chrome furniture instantly gives a room a modern and light appearance. Chrome is also corrosion-resistant and is a very light metal. This makes it an ideal choice for something like a dining chair or stool as the lightweight qualities of chrome mean they can easily be moved and rearranged.


Stainless steel, on the other hand,  has a far more subtle sheen than chrome. It’s corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and tarnish resistant, in many cases making it more durable than a chrome finish. It is also very easy to keep clean as fingerprints and marks are less likely to show up on the surface. If your furniture is going to be used regularly and by lots of people, stainless steel is an ideal option because of its durability.



To help you decide which finish is right for you, take a look at the following comparisons:

Stainless steel Chrome or chromium plating
Alloy containing at least 10.5% chromium. Not an alloy; only chromium.
More durable than chrome. Durable to an extent but not as much as stainless steel.
Not as reflective or shiny as chrome, but easier to keep clean. Has a more modern, brighter look than stainless steel, but takes slightly more care to keep clean.
Tends to be more expensive than chrome. Less expensive which makes it ideal if you’re working within a budget.


Care and Cleaning Stainless Steel

As we’ve mentioned earlier in this post, stainless steel is a very easy material to clean and maintain. It’s best to regularly dust the surface to avoid it looking dull. Soapy water should be all you need to remove any marks. For those harder to remove marks, window cleaner or a 50/50 water and white vinegar spray works a treat.



Top Tip: Our favourite tip for cleaning brushed metals has to be Baby Oil! All you need to do is rub the baby oil on with a paper towel, and buff away any excess with a dry, microfibre cloth. Keep in mind that baby oil goes a long way, so make sure you use it sparingly!


With a regular light polish and clean, your stainless steel furniture can last for years and years. As modern kitchens tend to use brushed metals on everything from cookers, sinks and fridges, the finish will stay looking modern and fresh for years to come.

Want to read more? You’re in luck! You can also read up on the benefits of Aluminium garden furniture and get some help deciding whether to go for a gloss or wood veneer finish in your home.

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Publish Date: June 2018

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