Product focus: the Nakita chaise longue

Chaises longues are always glamorous and decadent. After all, they are pieces of furniture that are only really any use if you want to relax. Nobody ever got stressed while lying on a chaise longue, as far as we know!

The Nakita chaise longue, which we sell at Danetti, is one of the most stylish we’ve seen. We sourced it from Italy and it’s got fantastic curves – just right for cushioning you while you recline.

Like many of our products, the Nakita is suitable for a commercial premises – and we think it would look AMAZING in the entrance way of a spa or a salon – it would really set the tone for the whole place, making it clear to your clients that yours is a place where you can relax in style.

It’s also something that would look fantastic in a contemporary home, as a piece of statement furniture in a living room or bedroom.

It’s available upholstered in a range of coloured high quality faux leathers and soft split leathers, while the strong, sturdy chromed base has a highly polished finish and supports the seat easily, continuing the curved theme.

We love it. What do you think?

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