Guess who has been busy ‘pinning’ photographs on Pinterest of beautiful dining sets taken on a gorgeous sunny day, whilst glancing out of the window at the rain making huge puddles on the patio?  We are supposed to be at the height of our wonderful summer and it is hard to believe that these photographs were actually taken on a sweltering hot day in March this year – check out the daffodils and tulips!

Anyway for those of you who don’t know what Pinterest is, it’s a virtual pinboard which allows you to organise and share pictures of inspirational and beautiful things with friends and followers who share the same interests as you.  It is used by Pinners to plan weddings, home make-overs, share recipes and top tips for the home, as well as a whole host of other useful information.  But be warned, once you start it becomes addictive!

Check out the Danetti Pinterest boards here:

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