Our Top 5 Coloured Plastic Dining Chairs

Our Top 5 Coloured Plastic Dining Chairs

Coloured dining chairs are a great way to add vibrancy to your dining area. January is so grey, we all need a bit of bright in our lives, to see us through to the BBQ season.


There so much scope to play with colour, Multicoloured dining chairs are definitely not just for the super modern minimalists. Coloured dining chairs can be used as just two accent chairs in a mix of greys or a full on statement of 6 bright chairs in just one shade. You can pick a tone from a rug, or a picture, or even just the hue of your favourite flower. Recently on a shoot we styled all yellow Eames Style Dining Chair to tie in with an abundant vase of Mimosa. There was nothing else yellow in the room but the cheery yellow was singing.


Plastic Chairs Mood


Multicoloured chairs aren’t only for large expansive spaces. I know there’s a big trend of an accent wall but if your dining table is in the lounge, or like me you rent, you don’t necessarily want bright colour on the wall. Using bright dining chairs is a great compromise.

Sometimes plastic isn’t the first choice when we think of comfort for seating but I want to dispel the myth. It’s the perfect material for showing off a bold colour and maximising durability; It’s warmer than metal and more hardwearing than fabric. In the case of the Eames Style Dining Chair and the Gliss 921 A Frame Chair for example, it’s the moulding of the plastic that gives the seat it’s comfort. All of our multicoloured chairs are easily wipe able which is ideal for families where you want style but are possibly wiping your dining chairs 10 times a day!

Here’s how you can get the look with our top five Coloured Plastic Chairs.


1. Emo Plastic Dining Chair 


These have the double joy of being indoor or outdoor because if the material. They are 100% moulded so can be used outside as effectively as indoors. Like the Fern Dining Chairs they also stack. Of all of our coloured dining chairs the Emo Plastic Dining Chair has the broadest palette so you can either mx them all up, pick a palette that suits you or just go for one shade.


2. Eames Style Dining Chair 


Eames Style Dining Chair


Who doesn’t love the Eames Dining Chairs? Apart from the yellow the palette here is slightly more muted which allows you to buy into the look of colourful dining chairs but in a slightly quieter way.


3. Snow 300 Plastic Coloured Dining Chair 


Snow 300 Plastic Coloured Dining Chair


Like the Emo Plastic Dining Chair Dining Chair the Snow 300 Plastic Coloured Dining Chair can be used indoors or outdoors and are stackable. They have a slightly more curly shape than the Emo Plastic Dining Chair.


4. Gliss 921 A Frame Chair 


Gliss 921 A Frame Chair


This is a real design classic. As coloured dining chairs go this one fuses real design kudos with functionality. The transparence Perspex used on the seat of the seat gives the colours real light and depth. Not just restricted to dining chairs, this chair would make a beautiful accent for a desk or in-home work space.


5. Fern Dining Chair 


Fern Dining Chair


These aren’t actually plastic, they are painted plywood but the effect is the same: Strong bold colour with real impact. These chairs stack which is ideal for a smaller space or when you just need to pull up a few extra pews.


Publish Date: January 2015 

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