More from our Contemporary White Gloss Coffee Table Range

If you are looking for a contemporary White Gloss Coffee Table for your modern living room, we have a wide range of white gloss coffee tables in stock in all shapes and styles so you are bound to find what you are looking for.  Here are some more of the latest additions to our range.

Latina White Gloss Coffee Table

A beautifully simple white gloss coffee table, the Latina is a seamless elliptical shape which makes a real statement in any living space. The modern high gloss finish reflects light to make this coffee table a real show-stopper.

Use the top surface as a coffee table and underneath there is plenty of room for displaying ornaments or coffee table books. The perfect designer inspired white gloss coffee table for a modern bright lounge.

Griffon White Round Coffee Table

If you are looking for something unusual to make a focal point in your living room then this high gloss round coffee table will fit the bill!

The Griffon Coffee Table is a uniquely styled modern round white high gloss coffee table, which is curvy and as smooth as a pebble with three dips on its surface to add extra interest. You won’t be able to resist running your fingers along it!

Bianco White Coffee Table

The stylish Bianco White Coffee Table has a high gloss lacquered finish to create a stunning centre piece in your lounge. Light bounces off the reflective surfaces of this square coffee table to give a light and airy feel, perfect for modern living spaces.

The offset top and bottom are held together with a central pedestal, to create a designer-looking coffee table with a storage or display area underneath.

Measuring 800mm square and 300mm in height, the Bianco is an ideal occasional table.

Denza White Coffee Table

The white high gloss Denza Coffee Table is a fabulous rectangular coffee table with the added advantage of hidden storage within it. The lid lifts up on hinges at either side to provide a handy storage compartment for magazines, newspapers and coffee table books. The edge of the lid creates a design feature with its smooth curves. In addition, the lid can be locked into the raised position so that you can balance a laptop or TV dinner upon it!

The two legs of the Denza are looped with rounded corners, to create a stylish finishing touch.

Fina White Gloss Coffee Table

Keep everything neat and tidy in your living area with the modern Fina White Gloss Coffee Table, which has the hidden advantage of a storage area underneath the top. Lift the lid to reveal a funky bright yellow storage compartment for stashing away all those odds and ends.

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