Living in Rented Property? 13 Ways To Achieve A Contemporary Look

Living in Rented Property? 13 Ways To Achieve A Contemporary Look
If you are looking to make your mark and put your own stamp on
your home but your Landlord is not keen on drilling, painting or any
major changes – then have a look at our inspiring list of ways to create
a contemporary look in a rented home.


1. If you can’t decorate your walls, add interest and colour to your home by investing in colourful options like our lovely Glide Sideboard which will instantly add interest and style to a neutral room. Or try painting your furniture in fabulous colours to brighten your scheme. Don’t forget to prime the surfaces to ensure the paint takes to the surface properly.


2. When wallpaper isn’t an option but you don’t want to look at bland walls, why not try wallpapering plywood panels and then leaning them against the walls – as well as being a cost effective way of creating interest, you can change the look as many times as you want which will give you plenty of options if you are there for the long term!


3. One of the downsides of renting is the blanket whitewash that many landlords do to create clean, bare but uninspiring magnolia walls. To introduce interest and colour try using some modular storage. These are a great idea for rented properties as they are stand alone but will ‘decorate’ the room with your prized possessions which will bring your personality into your home.


4. Create drama or romance in your bedroom with a good choice of bedlinen, depending on what mood you are trying to go for, you can add a modern edge to your room with a striking bedlinen set and use some scatter cushions to add colour pops.



5. Look at every part of your new rented home. Could that paper lampshade be replaced by an oversized pendant light or perhaps an ornate chandelier to create an instant statement in your new home.  


6. One of my all time favourite wall decorations is a wall sticker! They can be large or small, colourful or monochrome and can add a splash of character to a wall without damaging the surface. Wall stickers do not leave any sticky residue so you can simply peel it off when you move out!



7. Whatever your flooring in your rented home, never underestimate the power of the rug! A stylish colourful or textured rug can completely transform a room and will also help protect your flooring (and your deposit!). A rug can also be a good way of seperating areas in your home and creating ‘rooms’ within rooms or just making more of a statement. 


8. As long as your bathroom is clean and preferably white, you will be able to stamp your own personality on it with accessories, a new shower curtain, bath mat, towels and some pretty candles, glass bottles or jars! Just keep it simple for a stylish modern minimalist look.


9. Kitchens can be a little unforgiving depending on the style and colour of the units. Consider changing the hardware and introducing your own style by using china, cookware and spice jars to ‘decorate’ the space.


10. Is your kitchen lacking in character? If you’ve got a gorgeous collection of cookware, consider open shelving or a freestanding dresser. Display pretty crockery, cookware and dry goods in jars to inject some personality into the space.


11. Are you stuck with bog standard tiles? Are you looking to give your kitchen our bathroom a bit of a facelift, why not try some tile adhesives? You can instantly create character and interest – just make sure that you invest in removable ones…or you could be in trouble!


12. If you’ve inherited some curtains that just aren’t you, then carefully pack them away and invest in some adhesive window film in rooms that don’t need to cut out the light. There are lots of styles to choose from and the sandblasted glass look is a sharp contemporary one that will add a modern edge to your home.


13. Propped up picture frames and mirrors look eclectic and stylish, use the ‘propping’ technique on furniture and shelves and for greater impact try propping up oversized canvases or full length mirrors from the floor against a wall!



Top Tip: If you absolutely must decorate your wall, you might like to try hanging your picture frames or photos but 3M Command Strips which will allow you to hang your pictures without creating holes or causing and damage to the walls!


Hope this helps you to make the most of your rented property. We’d love to hear if your planning on trying them out, and be sure to let us know your own interior styling techniques in the comments. 

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