Large tables and matching chairs for Easter dining

Easter’s set to be a big event this year. With the usual Easter bank holiday weekend followed by the Royal wedding bank holiday and May Day bank holiday, we’re bound to be enjoying a lot of family dinners and celebrations.

If you’re looking at your dining room table and thinking it’s just not big enough (or starring at an empty space because you don’t have one!) then now’s the time to start searching for a new one.

A great solution for a big family occasion like Easter is an extendible table – they’re ideal because they can be used collapsed down for just two or four to eat comfortably, but when everyone descends on your house or flat, they can be extended out.

Glass extendible tables are a nice option as they will make your home feel light and airy and have a contemporary vibe. Wooden tables on the other hand are a little more traditional, but we work with the best modern furniture designers to make sure all our tables are timeless in their look.

If you’re buying a table to sit the whole family at, then you should also invest in a new set of dining room chairs – you don’t want people sat on mismatching seats!

Some of our dining room tables come as part of sets, so you can simply place one order and get the lot, for others the tables and chairs are sold separately but we have such a vast range of both that you’re bound to be able to find a good combination – you could try mixing a sturdy wooden table with brightly coloured laminated wood or even plastic dining chairs for a funky scheme, or go for the classic combo of glass dining table and quality leather chairs.

If you order now then even our products that have longer order lead times should be with you for the Easter celebrations.

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